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Hot Rod Power Tour/VCA Ohio - June 10th

Discussion in 'Ohio' started by daytonprowler, May 29, 2009.

  1. daytonprowler

    daytonprowler Enthusiast

    Nov 4, 2003
    Dayton, Ohio
    The Hot Rod Power Tour is coming to Ohio this summer and we want the Ohio Viper Club to be a part of it. I've listed an itinerary for the event:

    We will meet at the West side Findlay Bob Evans restaurant Wednesday morning at 9:00 AM it's on State Route 224 and exit 159 off of I-75 for breakfast.
    The tour should be coming down I-75 around 10:00 AM which at that time we can join in and cruise with them at no cost. Make sure your gas tanks are full for the cruise down to Dayton.
    The attached route to Dayton is what we will follow as a group. Once we arrive at the Dayton Arena you have many choices of what to do next and they are:
    1. Register and pay $25.00 to hang at the event that night to enjoy the cars and people.
    2. Register and pay $65.00 and continue the rest of the tour with them.
    3. Do your own thing until we as the Ohio Viper Club has dinner that night at TJ Clump at 8:00PM in Englewood.
    4. The club has secured good hotel rates at a Holiday Inn also in the area for anyone wanting to stay overnight.

    It should really be a great time and event and we would like to see the Ohio Viper Club make a strong turn out. If you can't join in at the morning meeting place and still want to cruise with us please contact me at 419-722-0086 cell.

    TERRY BOSSERMAN FINDLAY, OHIO 45840 419-424-3224

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