Hydraulic fan motor replacement

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    Jan 7, 2013
    So I think I've finally narrowed all my power steering issues down to the cooling fan module on my 04, but I was wondering if anyone else out there had ever replaced just the fan motor itself. I was reading through the service manual and it states that the motor should not be replaced individually because it says the fan and motor are balanced as an assembly. I'm not sure I see how that is really possible. I've taken the fan motor apart and it's just a gerotor design that's supported on both ends of the shaft, so I'm not sure I see how it could really be out of balance on its own. To me it seems like the fan would be the only part that really requires any balancing, so I'm not seeing how they need to be a matched set as I would think a balanced fan would work on any motor. The motor has so little rotating mass and such small diameter parts relative to the fan I guess I just don't get how it can make a difference.

    So, has anyone ever gone against the advice of the service manual and replaced just the motor? I've got one on the way now, but figured it would probably be better to ask and see if anyone else had done it and run into issues before going through all the trouble.

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