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Jul 14, 2009
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While over here in London I stumbled across a car that is new to me, the Aston Martin Cygnet.
At first I thought, aw, aint that cute. Now after being here for 2 weeks, a car that size makes sense. I saw a white one yesterday and thought it looked really sharp. It made me think, I want to catch one and smuggle it home in my pocket!:rolaugh:

I also saw a white Toyota iQ.. brain started thinking, yet I couldn't quite figure it out, as both cars are not sold in the USA :usa:
So last night I did some research on both cars and I come to find the following:

The Toyota iQ is not available in the US.

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The iQ is available in the US as a Scion iQ however.

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Both do not look nearly as cool as the Astons I have seen, which happen to be built on the same chassis.

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That made me curious.. what do these little hamster devices cost? :dunno:

Well, the Scion iQ is about $16k starting. The Aston on the other hand... appears to be in the $40k-$50k range :omg: (not yet available in the US market) I started wondering WHY.... why could I buy 2 iQs and still have enough money left over to throw one **** of a party or 1 Cygnet? I checked out the Scion, you are stuck with an Auto, no manual. You have 7 exterior colors and no interior color choices. Bleh

I went to Aston Martins website and configured my own Cygnet. Wow.. It started to make sense. Not only is the quality there that one would expect with an Aston, I mean, we all know they have pretty nice interiors and all, but the level of detail, or options should I say one gets.

Not only can you choose one of 23 different exterior colors (some could argue some are not even that different) but you can choose if you want both the hood louvers and rear diffuser to be gloss black, body color or mix and match. Cool. :cool: Now on to the interior..This is where it gets awesome..
  • 20 different colors to choose from for your primary leather color. But wait.. there is more..
  • You get 6 different patterns to choose from for your secondary.. and within those 6 different patterns you get multiple color offerings depending on which pattern you choose...
  • Mind... Blown! :omg: (I counted them for you.. 86 different options for your secondary color, to mix and match with your 20 different colors of your primary leather color.. So just a measly 1720 different combinations between these two options so far..) Let's continue on shall we... because of those options were not enough.. you get more even yet..
  • Now you have to make a decision of what color stitching you would like.. you have 17 choices here. Easy enough right?
  • Moving right along, you have your primary color picked out, this will be your main seat, door panel and dash color. However you now have to choose if this stitching for the upper environment will match your primary color that you picked or if it will contrast with the one of 17 stitching colors your picked. The stitching option in the upper environment covers the dash, center console, door panels and floor mats.
  • Phew.. Almost there.. Now you get to choose your "lower environment" (door panel inserts) Would you like to be the same as your primary color, or one of the 86 different options you surely got just right for your secondary..
  • Home stretch.. your seat outer will be your primary color like I mentioned, however you get to choose if you would like the stitching on the seats to match the primary color, or if you would like to use the contrasting color you picked up, one of 17 you chose just right! Just because you want the seat stitching to contrast the primary color doesn't mean the stitching in the upper environment and vice versa!
  • Finally.. make your decision, the seat inners, would you like them to match the primary color material, or use the secondary you picked...
Annnnd.. I am spent.. That my friends is only part of the difference between a $15,000 Toyota/Scion iQ and a $45,000 Aston Martin Cygnet. An additional $30,000 gets you an immensely better looking on the outside, but also an immensely better looking, feeling an nearly infinitely configurable on the inside of this hamster mobile.

(20 primary colors x 86 secondary options, x 17 stitching options x 2 different upper environment stitching options x 2 lower environment options x 2 seat outer stitching options x 2 seat inner options = 467,840 different interior configurations)
If you factor in the exterior color, louvers, diffuser and wheel options you now have 172,165,120 different configurations, and then you get to choose CVT or manual. ;)

Point of all this being? There are no packages you have to buy, no restrictions on interior based on exterior. SRT, take note. :drive:
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