MT Drag Radials Done?

Discussion in 'Time Slips' started by Canyon707, Apr 8, 2010.

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    I went to Infineon last night for the Wed night drags. I had nothing but traction problems from 25psi down to 12 psi in the final round. The tires were all over the place. I am not sure but, it seems that since I did a bunch of burnouts on these tires something has changed and they really don't grab like they use to. I thought it may be the track but watching others it didn't seem like the track was the problem. Can anyone shed some light on this? the life of a drag tire although there is a fair amount of tread on the tire. They don't seem to stick. To many burnouts? :dunno:
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    Hi Canyon,

    I would think that drag tires have a number of heat cycles in them, once they hit that number then the rubber just gets hard. You might want to contact M/T tomorrow and ask them if there is a way to tell when the tires are done. Maybe it can be measured with a durometer for some baseline lifespan.

    Some guys use tire softening chemicals, but you could have a catastophic failure...not worth it IMO.

    I think my stock PS2's are heat cycled out...between the drag racing, autocrossing and just plain driving them they just don't get as sticky when up to temp. They are getting super hard to hook up, period.


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