My 1/4 mile track times from 2011. 98' GTS - 11.3 @ 125. 455HP / 499TQ


Mar 18, 2004
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Austin, Texas
Been chatting with folks on different boards lately about 1/4 times and didn't realize my stuff was not on here, so wanted to get this info on here for people comparing or needing any tips at the drag strip. I'm not the best driver in the world but I would say I'm not bad with what I have... so maybe I can help some of you out if you want to ask any questions or anything. I also went 12.1 @115 in my old 94' RT'10 on old bald tires and only a few mods. Should be in my videos as well if you see the link below for my GTS runs. Hope this helps!!!

Here is the info below from tonight at the drag strip. I'll mention my mods, in case folks find this post in the future doing drag race searches on here, and my mods in my sig change in the future. I'll also list other important data for folks interested in specific details, like me. I did not do a "full", smokey burnout... Only a quick
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high rev and then dump the clutch to spin the tires HARD and get the water off my tires.

Mods for this pass are as follows:
98' GTS with 01' "Creampuff" motor swap
A.R.T. Dyno puts my car
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at 455HP / 499TQ (I actually lost a few HP after installing the roller rockers. Before the after market RR's, was 461HP / 507TQ)
SVT "Race" Headers
No Cats
Side Borla mufflers (no rear mufflers)
Eibach springs & Lowering caps
Raptor shift light
Aluminum Fly wheel
A.R.T - SCT Tune (93 octane pump gas)
Harland Sharp Roller Rockers 1.7 with ROE hardened pushrods
K&N filters
Smooth Tubes
BFG Drag Radials 345/35/18
Removed spare tire & Jack

Track temp - 70 degrees. (I went 11.5 @ 122 in 105 degrees)
Approx 700ft elevation in San Antonio TX
Car weight, with driver included, on track scale - 3,485.
60' 1.76
1/8 - 7.39 @ 97.74
1000 ET 9.5
1/4 mile - 11.35 @ 125.00

I'm VERY Happy with this time, considering the few mods I have. I was hoping to get closer to a 10 sec pass, and feel like I could have done a little better, but I didn't get many runs in and didn't have enough tire to do GOOD burnouts (as usual, lol)).... Other two passes were 12.1 @ 108 (eh... blew the tires off, at the launch), and 11.7 @122 (spinning hard in each gear, had to let off the gas, temp was 65 degrees at this point). This should have been a GOOD ET because it was getting cooler out car was moving FAST, but just had no traction).

Below is the video of my 11.5 pass.... Sorry, no video of my 11.3 pass.

RT/10 12.1 pass -

More of my GTS runs -

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