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Online Renewals for 2012 Information

Discussion in 'Minnesota' started by Venomiss, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Venomiss

    Venomiss Guest

    [h=2][​IMG] Viper Club of America Online Renewals for 2012 Information Instructions[/h]
    Renewing online for your 2012 Viper Club of America Membership is quick and easy!

    Go to the VCA Membership Portal area here:


    If you have never entered this area before you must generate a new password using the blue link on the bottom of the first page.


    The new password will be sent to the email listed in your profile.
    Plug in the new password and your VCA membership number to enter the secure area.

    Renew your VCA membership for 2012.
    Be sure to check that your information listed is current and up to date. We want your Viper Magazine to arrive at the correct address! or we have the number to call you for the winning raffle ticket!

    When finished log out of the system.
    If you have questions or need help please contact the VCA at [email protected]
  2. Venomiss

    Venomiss Guest

    For those VCA members in Minnesota Spring is coming!!
    Please make sure to renew your membership and get rolling for 2012 events.
  3. Venomiss

    Venomiss Guest

    For those who are snow birds heading to Minnesota for the summer the VCA Membership Portal area is the place to update your own address anytime.

  4. Phun70

    Phun70 Enthusiast

    Jul 23, 2009
    Urbandale, Iowa
    Ok, so I know this is a hijacking, but, I've been looking at the forums all year for get togethers and it doesn't seem like there have been that many. I'd really like to get together at least once this year with my Viper brothers and sisters. So, what's going on out there? Sorry I can't make it to VOI12. Divorce has a way of putting a damper on such things.

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