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Pocono Track Day Aug 16

Discussion in 'Canada: Quebec' started by Jerz Viper, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. Jerz Viper

    Jerz Viper Enthusiast

    Nov 17, 2003
    Bergen County,NJ,USA
    It's that time of year again! :rolaugh:

    The NJ VCA's Annual Pocono Track Day:headbang:


    Thursday August 16, 2007
    Pocono Raceway
    Long Pond, PA

    This event is intended for all levels of driver. This is not a race, but a driving event. You will be able to take your snake out on the famous Pocono Raceway and let her rip:drive:

    We welcome non Vipers as well, so if you have a friend with a Vette, Porsche, Ferrari etc tell them about the event and bring them with you.

    Lunch will be at the Nascar rated best Brownies.... Pocono Raceway Cafeteria or you can bring your own lunch.:meal:
    No grilling will be allowed.:nono:

    Joe Moore's team will be on hand running the track:2tu: Safety first, fun second!

    You must have a SA 2000 rating on your Helmet!
    No Motorcycle Helmets Please

    All cars will be teched by Scotty

    Classroom instruction for all first timers:headbang:

    Fitwell Racing will also be on hand for autographs and photos


    So don't delay......sign up today!
    You're just a click away!

    Print the form and mail it in....its' that easy

    http://njviperclub.com/pdf/NJ VCA TrackDayform.pdf

    Remember Early registration is at a discount :2tu:

    Bobby Cerchione
    President NJ VCA
    NE Zone Director

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