***Results*** - 1996 RT/10 Fuel Filter Replacement


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Aug 2, 2006
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Again, appreciate everyone who took the time to respond back with their input, especially Mr. Wizard himself, and Tom Sessions, who was nice enough to take 2 of my calls to chat briefly about the procedure. Not much drama to report, other than about the 15 extra minutes it took to get the line off that runs up front to the engine. After spraying everything with a little juice, I finally was able to get the open end of a 9/16" wrench up there and instead of just pushing on the black disconnect fitting, I was able to use part of the chassis as a fulcrum, and pivot the wrench against the disconnect fitting, and then bam, it popped right off. The weird part about the procedure is that not 1 drop of fuel dripped during the entire R&R procedure. Mine has the bad check valve issue, so I have to cycle the key on/off several times before starting in order to avoid those long cranking times, however I was still surprised that literally no fuel came out at all, which I am grateful for I can assure you (gas cap was removed as well). After the lower line was disconnected, I removed the 3/8" mounting *****, and was able to reach in through the wheel well and carefully pull the filter out with stressing the plastic line to the tank. A quick disconnect, and new filter was ready to go in. The upper line was quite tight connecting to the filter, however I made sure I checked it like a zillion times for the clicks, and pulled on it as hard as possible to make sure it was secure. Mounting bolt went right back in, and the lower line connected in a quick sec. Cycled the key, and let it run for 10 minutes or so, with no leaks, and it looks like I'm good to go. Will keep and eye on it in the future if I'm ever up in there again, however hopefully I'll never have to worry about it popping off and causing a fire. I can't imagine how long it would have taken without these helpful tips and timesavers, much less not going in through the wheel well in order to help protect the integrity of plastic fuel line going to the tank. I know most members like a follow up after a problem is solved, i.e. drivability, codes, etc., however I just wanted to thanks everyone again for responding back, even to these very basic types of things. Hopefully this thread may help save some major headaches for someone in the future.

Regards, Chris
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