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    Many of you may know of the problems I recently had with my 2006 Viper involving a poor installation regarding Belanger headers & exhaust. For those who don't... I went through that thread without mention of the previous shop who originally installed the set up simply out of respect.

    Since the customer service I received was so poor, I have no problem releasing details about the way this problem was handled.

    Some may ask, "Why didn't you take the car back to the shop in the first place?". Once I found the reasoning behind the CEL, I was very disapointed in the quality of work received from Snake Pit. At that point, I no longer had faith in servicing there which is why I had Elite Motorsports take care of the problems.

    I tried reaching out Mike at Snake Pit during this headache to see if there was something we can agree on as far as making this right...




    Never received a phone call. After waiting for a response for almost 2 weeks, I had the car repaired and sent Mike 1 final text just to make him aware of the headache this put me through in order to make everything right.


    Have yet to hear anything from Mike to this day. I have sent Mike thousands of dollars in business over the last few years through recommendations and have always been a loyal customer to him with my last 3 cars. I've heard plenty of stories about Mike (poor customer service, poor quality in work, etc...) but have always stuck by him since he has always treated me good up to this point. It's unfortunate to see how poor his customer service in situations like this. I will no longer be servicing at Snake Pit in the future.
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