Thank You to Our 2013 Sponsors!


Apr 15, 2006
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Algonquin, IL
They Hold Us Up On Their Shoulders!

We're so lucky to have so many creative people in the club to help make fun events and so many good members who participate actively - driving hours to attend. But what completes that perfect circle are the good folks who help make those ideas happen. I've always made it a point to be clear that our sponsors not only help, but go ABOVE AND BEYOD what normal sponsors do… they are far too generous and allow us many luxuries that clubs many times our size struggle to attain. And interestingly, all of our sponsors are members of our very own region. This says a lot about those people, you're often standing right next to them at events.

Take the time to click this link and look at the sponsors for this year. They truly deserve visibility. For those who have businesses, consider reaching out to them when you need something. But most of all, when you're at a meeting and you get a free raffle item, when you're enjoying a very cool racing venue, when you pay mere dollars for an entire cruise weekend, when you're at a party that is over-the-top, etc… think about who makes all that possible!

I also want to acknowledge those NEW sponsors that have been added to the list, we're glad to have you. I also want to acknowledge all those return sponsors who simply make this an annual contribution because they care for the club year after year - you are our warriors. We put in place this formal program which provides good benefits for those who decide to sponsor the club. Each year we have more sponsors than the last, and this year we have broken a record with well over 30 individual people sponsoring! Absolutely amazing support.

We have a lot planned for this year in terms of investing in members and new tools. Aside from amping up giveaways and raffles, we'll also be looking into some new technology, signage, merchandise, and completely revamping our website to once again push the envelope of cool sites! It couldn't be done without these sponsors. I know I share everyone's sentiments when I say - thank you!

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