Turnersville Dodge-Very Bad Experience


Jun 5, 2015
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Wow, I took my Dodge Viper with 14k miles here today to replace leaking oil cooler lines, and after previously discussing with another service center agent there on the phone that I can bring my own cooler lines as the OEM ones had an inherent defect and many owners of my car have to get these replaces with low mileage again soon after replacement; due to faulty clamps. So, the service agent I spoke to agreed I could bring my own lines and the labor should be 30 minutes as they are quick connect. I asked her they would remember this when I brought my car in because I didn't want anyone else telling me different. She said she would put it on my quote in the folder and she said she is very OCD with her quotes and saves everything she says. Mind you, any B level mechanic could replace these in 30 minutes during an oil change as they are easily accessible. Long story short, the supposed certified Viper mechanic there (Dave?)did not want to work on my car, first he refused saying the lines I brought were too short, then he said the clamp would not fit and he refused to do the job. I called the manufacturer on speaker phone-Dan Lesser- while I was there, and who sells many of these lines and has been building Viper engines for over 20+years so he knows what he is doing. Dan acknowledged the lines he sells do indeed fit and it's so easy to install. He just wanted to explain this to them and I was in the service area with plans on telling this to them. There is no tight fit despite the mechanic's claims that it would take 3 hours to do this job. The dealership service mechanic and service manager then refused to speak to him. The service manager rudely said "I don't want to speak to him", and so Dan was on speaker phone. He overheard their bs about how they said the transmission could overheat if they installed my oil cooler lines, which is ludicrous and has nothing to do with oil cooler lines.. Dan said this on speaker phone.
Then the service manager then said I took the word of a receptionist who told me that I could bring my own part and that is incorrect as she wrote up the original quote for me and noted I would be bringing in my own lines. Do receptionists write up quotes too? This one did(I think her name was Rachel?). The service manager refused to even do any research and rudely told me "we don't want to work on it so that's that" in a nasty tone.
The bottom line is they probably planned on making $1100 and selling me their OEM lines that leak or making at least 3 hours labor on the job and they refused to work on my car because they could not make a ton of money on me or the so called "certified Viper mechanic" who apparently maybe was too intimidated to work on a Viper; making the job out to be way more then it needed to be.

I would also like to mention that when I was there about 2 months ago, this same certified Viper mechanic(Dave?)mentioned he needed to take the whole nose off the car and it needed to stay there over night to replace the oil cooler lines. He said he is one of 2 certified Viper mechanics in the state of NJ and no one in the dealership can work on these. I guess that was to make me believe I had to go there and spend. Glad I researched this in the online Viper forums because it didn't feel right what he was telling me. Everyone online said stay away from this dealership and that is crazy, it is an easy job to do and should take 30 minutes with the quick connect hoses. Certainly, taking the front end off would be wrong.

I just wanted to warn others what happened to me about this place. I know O wouldn't trust my car there. Thankfully I only had an oil change and a recall on my 2006 Viper in the past.


Apr 8, 2016
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Go to seacoast Chrysler jeep. George is their viper mechanic. He is GREAT! He's been working on vipers for 20 years. When I had my viper, unfortunately he worked on it quite often under warranty. Never a problem or a question asked!
He worked on a friend's as well. No issues ever with him or the service dept.


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