Updating my twin turbo Gen 3, have some questions


Apr 15, 2014
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Hey guys, I have a 2005 twin turbo Viper which was built by Racing Solutions, looks like maybe back in around 2008-2010. I've reached out to RSI to try get some information about the car, but they don't seem to know much about it. I had some issues with the car not wanting to build more than 5 psi of boost, and turbos were leaking oil, so I took everything apart and am now trying to update some of the components.
I've rebuilt the GT35R turbos with new seals, hopefully that will solve the oil leak problems.

The car was tuned with the old style Paxton Fuel Controller and a Split Second piggy back. It looks like extra fuel pumps were added, in order to provide extra fueling. I did some reading of some older posts, and people were removing all that and installing extra fuel pumps into the tank and using SCT tuning.
I was going to go with AEM Infinity stand alone, but Holly bought out AEM and they stopped making the Infinity. I was left with either going the Motec route or trying to find something else. RSI sold me a Series 2 unit, alone with a wiring harness for a decent price, so I just got that. I only recently came across the system offered by John Reed Racing, they offer a Motec system for around $5,000. I'm not sure if that includes what I would need to control a twin turbo car, but anyway I'm going to try and use the Series 2 unit I got from RSI.

I reached out to them to find out what I should do about the fueling, they recommended their stage 2 fuel system which comes with RSI Twin Pump Fuel Hanger, RSI Twin Pump Hanger Harness, Two Walbro 267 Fuel Pumps, RSI Fuel Rails & Brackets, Fuel Pressure Regulator & Bracket, lines, Fuel Filter, Bosch 1000cc Injectors. Is this the route I should be going? The system is a little pricey at $2400, but I'm not sure if there's another more cost effective option.

My other question is about the standalone install. Where do people typically mount their stand alone ECU's? It looks to me like the wiring harness is long enough to go through the hole in the firewall on the driver side. There is currently wiring and a vacuum line going in there on my car for the Greddy Boost controller, which I'll be removing obviously. Should I be mounting the box inside the car somewhere? I'm assuming it's not water proof and should go inside. I was thinking about putting it where the current Split Second box is and the extra fuel pumps, which I'll be removing.

RSI also sent me a few extra sensors that the harness does not seem to have plugs for. Do those sensors get wired into the factory harness? They sent me
AEM Fluid pressure sensor
Mopar Knock Sensor
These are the instructions I got from RSI
  1. The IAT on the harness may have used the OEM sensor.
  2. The fluid sensor is for the oil pressure, it may have also used the OEM sensor check for that plug
  3. There was a MAP sensor wired into that harness as the vehicle that it came off of was a turbo car and did have a 3.5bar sensor
Also, does the Series 2 need a Fuel Pressure sensor?

Here are some photos of the current setup. If you guys have any other ideas about what I should do, please let me know


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woodrow pamela

Jul 20, 2021
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ventura ca
i don't have much working knowledge of turbos for viper V-10 , but maybe .. i might contact turbotronic's or dyno tuning shop (these guys that laptop tune) complete working engines ! have an incredible knowledge of working parts and parts working together .. very cool project "good luck"


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Nov 29, 2009
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Ponchatoula, La
I also owned an RSI Twin Turbo Car. 2006, Blue/White. The car ran extremely well loved the car but sold it because it was getting too expensive to drive. RSI was good to deal with back then but expensive.
Good luck with the project.

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