Women's Day Performance Driving Day - May 18th!


Apr 15, 2006
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Algonquin, IL
It's Here Again! Something Just for the Ladies! May 18th!

We have a long history of performance driving in our club. And while we do actually have women who participate regularly, we know there’s many who would be exhilarated by experiencing some of the same things the guys do. That’s why we put on this special event, it’s meant to not only involve the ladies, but teach them from the ground floor so they have a good foundation when it comes to handling the Viper (or any car)! This happens to be our first official performance driving event of the year. We've done this event before and it's incredibly popular - and best of all, it's free and also provides a few other free benefits!

We’re putting on 5th annual Women’s Day Performance Driving event. This event is focused on teaching the ladies how to drive a stick shift (for those who need it), teaching car control, and it'll give you a taste of a real autocross. Don’t be intimidated, this doesn’t mean you have to go 100 mph, we’ll teach you car control at safe low speeds for you and the car. If you don’t wish to experience this in a Viper, it’s not a problem, you can bring any car you want (as long as it’s on the sporty side - no minivans!!). But we strongly encourage Vipers - don't be afraid. The guys learned it... what does that tell you!! Dozens of ladies have been trained by us, we've done it before!

And best of all, this event is being completely funded by the club, so it’s totally free! We’ve even included lunch! There are no special requirements to participate except that you need closed toed shoes (no flip-flops or anything with even the slightest heel). We suggest some comfortable gym shoes. There is no dress code requirement and no helmet needed for this event. The event will be rain or shine (learning in the rain can actually be beneficial).

The event will be held on Saturday May 18th. A good time to arrive is between 8:00am and 8:30am. Please be no later than 8:45am. No registration is required, simply email me (or email Mark at [email protected]) and let us know you’ll be coming! For more details you can visit the website, details are posted in the racing section: http://www.illinoisvipers.com/pit/racing_eventinfo.html.

C'mon ladies, don't be intimidated. We proved last year in an overwhelming fashion that all of this looks very different (and easier) behind the wheel. So come out and let us teach you!


May 14, 2013
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The event was amazing! Thanks to everyone who contributed. My mother had a blast and is now bragging to everyone at her office that she drove a viper this weekend haha. Special thanks to her instructor Howie!

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