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You're Invited to BC's Road Rally in May

Discussion in 'Washington State' started by RTTTTed, Feb 10, 2010.

  1. RTTTTed

    RTTTTed Viper Owner

    Jun 6, 2007
    Targa Bambina Road Rally

    Targa Rallys are shown on Speed channel from the Maritine Provinces, Calgary and New Zealand. This year BC has it's first Targa events in Kelowna, BC. Western Cda VCA has great events in Kelowna each summer. This year we'll start the last week in May! I'd personally like to invite your members to come up and participate with us. Lets kick some butt!

    This is what I posted on the Wstrn Cda regional foruns;

    We are having a Tarmac/pavement rally for 1 day near the beginning of the week long Rally event. Rally school, Bambina pavement 1 day Rally. Closed public road course! 5 stages. Later there will be the 5 day rally in Kelowna

    I'm going! I've spoken to a couple others that are also planning to attend. There is a large discount for early registration. The link to dates, rules, classes etc is ...

    JANUARY 2010 - NEWSLETTER | targa-canada-west-event-newsletter | news


    I've contacted Duane about writing a story and participating in this Kelowna event. He seemed excited about a story and Vipers competeing in the spring Rally.

    Class 1 is stock and not much is needed.

    Class 2 requires a fire suit and a few other items.

    I'm planning on 4 or 5 and contemplating installing a (bolt-in)roll bar, seatbelt harnesses, tow hooks and an extra fire extinguisher. There is some previous competition activity required, but VCA club activity may be all you need?

    Ou cars were built for this type of competition and after the Wstrn Cda kicks asp at this rally we can sign up for the Silvber State Road Rally (I think most of us are good to compete in the 105mph class in Nevada?).

    This is the area where Viper's are the best! The idea reminds me of when Doiuglas French arranged the Revelstoke Rally which was Fantastic!

    It shouldn't be too difficult for one of our members to host a dinner party and evening lounge at a Motel that weekend if we have enough members planning to attend.

    Ted Hlokoff

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