2002 ACR Dynamic Suspension Tuning Advice

Discussion in 'Tire , Wheel, Brake and Suspension' started by Eddie Spaghetti, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. Eddie Spaghetti

    Eddie Spaghetti Viper Owner

    Sep 3, 2012
    OK, newbie on deck... I just purchased 2002, 1 owner , yellow (no stripes) ACR with 9k miles and Dynamic Suspension. I understand this topic has been addressed over a 1000 times, but I would really appreciate some direct input from those who have been there...

    Anyway, the first thing I noticed was the rear was bounce happy (I know, old news). Granted, I have owned several Gen 2 GTS's and R/T10's over the years (last one was over 10 years ago) but this rear was a shock. At the advice of previous posts, I got with JonB at the Viper Parts Rack and swapped my 1100 lbs rear springs for his 800/850's. Since then I've dialed my compression and rebound to the softest settings in the rear while taking the front +4 from softest for compression and rebound and I still have some rear bounce. Tire pressure is 29 psi and I do have a new set of Toyo 888s on order.

    At this time I have no intention on tracking the car anytime soon. That said, rather than driving myself nuts with the various settings available, does anyone know what would be the best front/ rear dampening settings for agressive street driving? Lastly, I did drop the ride height to 4 1/4" front and 4 1/2 rear. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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