Chuck Tator BLOWS UP!!! Go Kart #19 at F1 Boston today. SWEET!!!!

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    Mar 8, 2006
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    What a memorable day it was at F1 Boston.:2tu: I would first like to thank everyone who came out to enjoy the day at F1 Boston kart racing:drive: with the N.E. Viper Club. Chuck Tator arrived early to get some extra seat time, only like 70 warm up laps.:dunno: I was watching Chuck and Dennis praticing out on the track and did notice kart # 19 was moving along pretty fast. After there warm up laps it was time for the club track session. Chuck was feeling pretty confident, he was strectching out, polishing his racing shoes.:cool: Hey, there is alot at stake here Tator's Garage sponsored the 4 trophies with first place being almost 3' feet high, and with Chuck winning for the last 3 or 4 years he definitely was in the running to bring it back home. The first 2- 10 lap sessions went pretty smooth with just a few minor incidences, nothing to write home about, but the 3 session Chuck driving kart # 19 Blows up his kart in the tunnel. It wasn't as spectacular as when Poblo Montoa ran into the jet dryer at the Daytona 500,:lmao: but it was pretty close. It was pretty cool watching Chuck pushing the injuried kart back to it's final resting place. Passing Chuck tator was pretty SWEET!!! too. So that places Chuck in 4th place heading into the final heat. Scott Tickler started in the first kart and Chuck soon caught up, I guess coming around the hairpin turn Chuck might of tried to come in just a little too tight and T-Boned Scott Tickler.:dunno: OOPS!! Chuck gets escorted to the penalty box of shame.:nono: So Chuck Tator brought these beautiful tropies and went home empty handed. Chuck might have to put a fern or a plant on that shelf he dusted off. :rolaugh:
    Fastest time Chuck Tator 19.61 NYC ( it was the smallest font I cound get).
    Todays standings

    Congratulaions to Scott Tickler for keeping the trophy in N.E.
    1st Place Scott Tickler 19.96
    2nd Place Dave Kenney N.E. 20.179
    3rd place Dave Couto N.E. 19.88
    Chuck tator 19.61
    5th Rick Desrosiers
    6th Nick Craig
    7th Ken Cormier (took fastest rookie trophy @ 20.52)
    8th Dennis Brown
    9th Tom Gotta (said some guy in a YELLOH racing suit might of pushed him into a spin, my attorney advised me not to comment on that. LOL.:lmao:
    10th Josh Moody
    11th Angie Cormier
    I think everyone had a great time, and we hope you can join us next year.

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    Great job on the blow by blow commentary Rick ....:drive:
    I almost felt like I was there....:eater:

    Congrats go out to Scott and Dave. :clap:
    Well done gents.....:headbang:

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    Oct 14, 2007
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    Would have been fun to make this event, I just arrived back in the NE region this afternoon after my working vacation in Virginia. Hopefully will see you all at the next event.
  4. Viper Wizard

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    Had a great day today! Good to see everyone and new faces! :2tu:

    Congrats Scott but don't bother to clear a spot on your shelf, it's only on loan! Got it....:nunu:

    Rick let me help you with your typing: Not only did he have the fastest time of the day, Chuck had the fastest times 3 out of the 4 races today!
  5. Mopar Boy

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    Nov 2, 2007
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    That was priceless! :rolaugh:

    I have to say though I am shocked! I would have thought Chuck to have just pulled off to the side and had the thing running in minutes! This is THE Chuck Tator!

    But then again if this was cart sabotage as it sounds like to a Canadian, might have been hard to find the issue as the saboteur might have taken that into account.

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