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Discussion in 'Ask VCA Headquarters' started by Nsane1, Apr 11, 2014.

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    FYI, VPA is not in scope for this 990 discussion, not sure why that was posted. The VPA is it's own entity, files it's own taxes, and net profits are provided to the VCA as a distribution to shareholders (as VCA is 100% shareholder of VPA). But it is a for-profit company with it's own rules. Again, the VPA was started in 2010, it's there, it's cool, I frankly don't understand the Adrian post, but I assume that it has something to do with his name being on the VCA FY12 990.

    Which makes me again point out that this is not malicious, the 990 has these darn names, you were gonna see em on page 8, so not sure why this has the hornet's nest all stirred up, it was gonna get published... (or wait, was this the REAL reason the VCA should have burned?? So this 990 would never come to light? Whoops, sorry if that's your intent, the members deserve to know what happened to their money).

    We should delete the post as it way off topic, but it's serves as (weird) reminder of kind of attention we get when we try to fix things and communicate here.

    Adrian, we thank you for your service to the VCA, we understand your reasons for leaving, but please understand we tried to save it rather than destroy it, which we felt had the obligation to do.
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    Enough with the past. It's done. There are two clubs. Those in both clubs who have not gotten over it need to get over it and move on. None of this garbage helps sell Vipers which is what the Viper now deparately needs to happen in order to survive. I vote for deleting all the posts above that have nothing to do with member badges and "the next magazine".
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    NSANE1, YOU post my name up and I have a lot of emails in the waiting. Don't mention our names because it wouldn't be another club if Lee would have done right for the VCA. This is not personal just facts on anything I post so please mention my name again. Have a great week and I thank you, Adrian

    and for the record we all tried to save the club that's why we were all on a conference call for hrs. Where were you ?

    I have emails about financials maybe they would help you guys so let me know if I can post up and let the VCA members decide if they are helpful or not.

    You post my name up it gives me the right to show you what I know "Remember That" about the financials.
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