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    Oct 29, 2014
    Mid-Engined Dodge Viper Rendered as C8 Chevrolet Corvette Rival
    27 January 2018, 09:19 GMT · BY ANDREI TUTU

    3 PHOTOS
    At first sight, the mid-engined Dodge Viper rendering we have here might strike one as odd. Nevertheless, once we go past this initial impression and the unpolished nature of the pixel play (more on this below), we'll notice there's more than one reason for such a creation to be brought to (digital) life.
    Nevertheless, before we move on to the arguments that favor a mid-engined Viper hypothesis, we need to explain that Rain Prisk, the digital art label behind the stunt explains this could've been more elaborate.

    "[Facebook description for the image] The ugliest thing I have ever done. I feel ashamed," and "[Facebook comment reply] It began as a Viper, didn't use any parts from other cars. It's just a mess," - these lines are enough to shed light on the matter and, as an example of a more refined engine layout transformation coming from this label, we'll name the mid-engined GT-R we recently showed you.

    Going past this render, the idea of a Viper with the engine in the middle has been around as long as the car itself. And that's because Chrysler initially considered bringing its supercar to the world in this form.

    Alas, the concept never went past the prototype form - speaking of which, you can check out the mid-engined Viper test car in the image gallery above.

    Then there's the idea of a rival for the mid-engined Corvette. With the Chevy halo car moving to this layout for the C8 generation, Fiat Chrysler could have a reason to consider coming up with a direct rival.

    After all, with the Viper now in limbo, anything is possible - the Gen V model went out of production last year and all we have on the revival topic are rumors talking about a modular platform and twin-turbo engineering from Maranello.

    In our book, as long as the Viper stays true to its budget exotic basher aura, we can be happy with both a front- and a mid-engined revival.

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    Sep 26, 2010
    Man, making it a mid engine surely shortens up the hood
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    Jan 7, 2013
    The Chrysler mockups look way better. Has anyone ever seen those before or were they destroyed? Seems like something that would have been in the museum. They are palatable at least. That render is just wrong.
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    I can tell you that a mid engine generation was on the strategic horizon but a transaxle was the next logical update to the car which would help move that weight and center further rearward...after the 2000 Rolex win ....my sole dedication was to establish.. for history ...the VIPER
    as the most sucessful American car for Viper Nation !!
    We where only scheduled to race two cars at Seibring. The next month...but with momentum on our side ....i found the funding to run three viper.....Objective....shut Bowtie out of the Podium!!!!
    The team ...engineers...and Viper Nation support was history making .....
    Then off to LeMans...we needed this win now to complete the Triple.....History for VIPER Nation.! °
    Again the support from everyone was there....everyone knew what was at stake and team Yellow down the pit wall knew we had to beat them....
    The rest is history now...but I went through all this to let you all know that the Viper was evolving behind the curtain while we where winning and until the Plug was pulled...which I wont get into here....
    Thank you for all your support for the People/Process and trackside emotion you all poured in the best factory road racing program in AMERICA
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