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March 31, 2018

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If you are still interested in being apart of The Viper Club of America, please click on the following link to renew your membership with the VCA. Thank you! Membership Renewal

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all present, past and future Members of the Viper Club of America. We also want to say Merry Christmas to all vipers owners in the Viper Nation. The Viper Club of America would like to send our blessings and prayers to all of the Viper Nation traveling this holiday season. So please be careful! The Viper Club of America is looking forward to seeing everybody at our future events. I do know they are making plans for several large events, so watch for their posting.

I hope all of you got the email with the announcement of the new web site. The officers of the Viper Club of America took a long look at the site and we found the website was so out of date and the software company would no longer support the software we use. The next problem with the web site was the server size. It was just about full. We decided to update the forum software to a much better platform. It has a great new look, and alot more cool features then the older version of the forum. Check it out - VCA Forums. There has been only been one ascetic moment with the website. It was the email that was sent out by the VOA. Why can't they let the hate go. We have and are moving forward!

The next change to the Viper Club of America is the contact person. If I say that Janey is handling the clubs phone calls, I think most people will know who she is. If not I will explain. She is my better half, Janey White, anyone who has talked to her knows how she is and feels about the Viper Nation. While we are talking changes , I am stepping down from the President positon because my term is up. My replacement is Michael Puckett, he and his family are long time Viper owners and have many great ideas for the club. So, I will turn over the rest of this email to Michael........

Bill White, President Viper Club of America

Greetings members, my name is Michael Puckett. I'm 30 years old and have been a Viper owner for 6 years. I got into the club several years ago after I purchased my car and saw some Vipers driving through my hometown. I thought, "that looks fun, I wonder if there is a club near me?". Sure enough, that was how I first found out about the Viper Club of America. I joined shortly thereafter and have been having fun with my Viper friends ever since. My mother actually got me interested in Vipers as she wanted one since they first came out. We'd looked at a couple over the years, but they were usually in rough shape. Then, around 8 years ago, my parents finally found the one my mom always wanted, a red 94 RT/10. I drove it a few times and thought it was pretty fun, but decided if I was going to buy one myself I needed windows and a little more room for my feet since I planned to drive it pretty regularly. I searched the whole country and narrowed it down to just a few, but ended up flying to look at a 2004 with 43,000 miles which I then purchased and drove 13 hours home with my brother.

Fast forward to today and the odometer is nearing 117,000 and still ticking. That's right, I'm the crazy guy that daily drives a Viper pretty much year round. I've done both extremes - driving it halfway across the country for a road trip, and also on a track where you can really let it loose, and that's a thrill that's hard to beat.

I've been working on cars since I was a kid and have learned most of what I know from watching my dad, so I do as much of my own work as possible. The most extensive project I've tackled so far was pulling the whole dash out of my Viper to address a broken HVAC servo. As Viper Club of America President, I'm looking forward to doing what I can to try to simplify and optimize the way the club is run and to keep it thriving for many years to come!

Michael Puckett, President Viper Club of America

NEW VCA President for Central/North Florida Region

Andy McKee

Let me give you an introduction to Andy McKee ~ Many of you already know Andy since he has been a member since 2006. He is a Viper fanatic!! Andy worked in law enforcement for his entire adult life and he also has a couple of small businesses, one of which is a performance car shop. He is 38 yrs old, and is blessed with a wonderful wife, Kristin and a beautiful baby girl, Reagan ( 2.5 years old) Andy has owned about a dozen Vipers since buying his first one in 2005 . He currently owns several Vipers; from street cars to 2000+ hp race cars. He says his favorites would have to be the Gen 2 GTS and the Gen V ACR.

Andy is looking forward to serving as your president and becoming a part of the amazing team already in place. He looks forward to getting to know many more VCA members during our upcoming get-togethers throughout 2018. If anyone has any ideas for future VCA events or suggestions regarding how they would like to see this club grow/evolve please feel free to reach out to him. After Jan 1 his email should be up and running , which is [email protected]. My [email protected] and [email protected] will continue to work, so feel free to send Andy your congrats via my email and I will be sure he receives it.

It would mean a lot to me if you would please go to Viper Club Renew (or call 1-800-677-4321 ) and renew your membership for 2018 . The website has been updated and improved just in this past month. You should have recently received an email that Michael Puckett from Kansas City is the new President of the VCA. With new leadership comes change and I am looking forward to Michaels plans for the National Club in the coming years! I want to thank Bill and Janey White for their service -they have done an absolutely amazing job for our club in some very trying times. They will continue to be active with the national club and for their ongoing support we are truly thankful. The Viper Nation is composed of strong, intelligent, and fiercely independent people and we are pleased to see so many 2 and 3 digit member numbers re-joining. Remember that we are the original Viper Club, accept no substitutes! You can also join as a Legacy Member if you no longer own your Viper but want to stay in the loop !

Why did the Viper Club move to XenForo

XenForo has just been around for a short amount of time but on the sites that I have been on that use XenForo, I have been very impressed. So what's does XenForo have that has made us change platforms. A few of the big reasons are as follows:

For me, one of the biggest reasons... Fast, Light, and User-friendly

Modern and Professional Look

Social Engagement

Easy Add-ons/Styles installation

Easy Styling

SEO Friendly - Webmasters don't have to spend money on SEO Services

Great resources


When the Viper Club of America wants to edit their forum style, add more css/html/php/javascript code, everything is in the Admin Control Panel, making management with XenForo a Dream, so, managing users, forum styles, add-ons, tools. permissions along with many other items made simple. We understand that XenForo hasn't built in everything for every imaginable forum, however they do have a resource center where additional add-on's can be obtained, big plus!!!!

I've been Administrating vbulletin sites for 10 years. There were always area's that members were not happy with, one of those is attachments. I have found that with XenForo, this process is much cleaner and hope people use it now that all the hoops are gone that we had with vbulletin.

Two other additions I enjoy is the "Watched Forums" and Watched Threads".

I also like the way internal messages are done. (Better know as PM's). You can click on the Inbox button and see brief descriptions of your conversations. The best thing for anyone to do is to just start clicking on things and get a lay of the land. You will probably find things that will surprise you. And don't hesitate to ask. I know I'm still learning so if I don't know the answer, there is a team of dedicated individuals that over the past few months have spent the time and energy to move everything we have to this new and exciting platform.

As the Legacy Viper Club and 22 years of Viper History, we want all Viper Owners to have access to the years of data, information and fun.

A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Viper Club of America 2018


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