Chris' run at forum posting rules...

Discussion in 'Board and Site Questions/Suggestions' started by Y2K5SRT, Oct 11, 2002.

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  1. Y2K5SRT

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    Apr 26, 1999
    Overland Park, KS
    Chris\' run at forum posting rules...

    As Andy has suggested I post these for comment (and he being a web committee member), here is what I suggested:


    No pornography or sexually suggestive pictures or links to any such sites.

    No lingerie, underwear, or wet t-shirt photos. "Network TV" swimsuits are okay.

    No excessive swearing, generally with those words that are not acceptable on network TV or radio. No "substitution" characters are allowed either (e.g., [email protected]) for those "banned" words.

    No copyrighted images are allowed unless YOU own the copyright. This includes images with other website addresses on them.

    No advertising posts. If you have a Viper or related parts/merchandise you can place an ad in our classifieds section (non-commercial ads are free to VCA members). Site Sponsors can post in the "New Products and Suppliers Specials" forums. The exception to this is if it is a pre-approved nonprofit endeavor put on by fellow
    club members (i.e., a group purchase, calendar project, etc.).

    No offensive images. This might include such things as flipping off the camera, fat guys in thongs, and other "humorous" depictions.

    Absolutely NO personal assaults, name-calling, threats, or highly inflammatory statements are allowed. The only possible exception is if it is a matter of "smack talking" and both parties involved are obviously doing so in jest.

    Tuner complaints must be first hand - not hearsay or third party. We encourage you to resolve any differences you have before posting such complaints.

    "Trolls" are not welcome here. If you are here just to post inflammatory comments or post inappropriate pictures, your tenure is in immediate jeopardy.

    When posting, please remember that what you post could possibly be viewed in the workplace or in the presence of children. Likewise, keep in mind that you are addressing other human beings with feelings just like yours. Ask yourself if what you are posting is something you would want somebody to say about you.


    If any person, (or computer equipment or address assigned to them,) is determined to be responsible for a post contrary to the stated message board policy above, the person or business involved may be addressed as follows:

    1st offense: Post edited or deleted with a warning sent via e-mail to the person responsible.

    2nd offense of a similar nature (e.g., threat): Post edited or deleted with a warning sent via e-mail to the person responsible, copied to the website committee.

    3rd offense of a similar nature: Immediate suspension of posting privileges following decision of web committee. That suspension may be temporary or permanent and is entirely at the discretion of the web committee.

    Please note that the administration reserves the right to forego any such warnings in the event a post is in blatant disregard of the rules posted here (pornography, direct threats, etc.). An immediate suspension may be issued under such circumstances.

  2. Birvini

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    Apr 14, 2002
    Plainfield, Illinois
    Re: Chris\' run at forum posting rules...

    Seems ok to me, as long as that's the real deal. I listened to a conversation between Slaughter and Herbert @ VOI where they were discussing Slaughters pulled posts. These posts concerned Gerald calling Slaughter "gay" or vice versa, can't remember. Herbert went on a long explanation of why this was "wrong." I listened to Herbert through his entire explanation when I asked him the following. "If Slaughter knows it's a joke, and Gerald knows it's a joke, as they are friends, why pull it? No one is getting hurt." Herbert again went into an explanation of why I was wrong on this subject as kids view this site. I understand that kids view this site, and I also know that second graders call each other "gay" all day long on the playground.

    Just my .0002
  3. MiamiJeff

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    Oct 22, 2000
    Miami, Florida, USA
    Re: Chris\' run at forum posting rules...

    Some of the rules are great but some seem to be rather "prudish" almost limiting content to that of a G-rated Disney movie.

    Perhaps some things could be a bit less restrictive---instead of the G rated mindset, maybe something that is more aligned with the real world demographics of the typical Viper owner?

    (Maybe I'm just saddened that I won't be able to see any lingerie or other "suggestive" pix!)
  4. Jay Herbert

    Jay Herbert Enthusiast

    Dec 7, 1997
    Sunnyvale, CA
    Re: Chris\' run at forum posting rules...

    We are closing this topic to prevent confusion. It is sort of old, and has, as Bill states above, been covered in the new forum posting policies, which are less restrictive than the original starting point Chris posted above. The posts Bill mentions are the released posting rules.
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