New 1994 viper owner.. would appreciate guidance on upgrades..thank you!

Discussion in 'New Owner Questions' started by gobigblue42071, Jan 30, 2015.

  1. gobigblue42071

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    Dec 26, 2014
    I have purchased my dream car.. a 1st generation 1994 Dodge viper RT/10 special edition with 32,000 miles. It is all original except for air intake. I have searched the forums but still not sure about a few possible upgrades. Anyone who has the time to point me in the right direction would be most appreciated. Here are my issues: 1. I want it to sound louder and meaner. I live in rural west Ky so emissions, etc. are not an issue for me. I am interested in keeping the car where I can convert back to stock if possible? Is there a sound video of different possible options for me? 2. I want to install a 4 or 5 point yellow racing harness on it. Suggestions? 3. The lettering on the side and back is the same color as the car and doesn't show up very well. I have seen chrome replacements advertised. Can this be done with out scratching the cars paint?? I really appreciate any advise I can get. or guidance to an appropriate thread!! Thanks!!
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    Wow! Nice rare ride, take care of that one!

    I would ask your question in the Gen1 forum, people don't usually post here. I don't have a Gen 1, so I can only talk about my later gen experiences, but belanger is usually the loudest and meanest, and bolt-on. Corsa is the other popular choice. You also have choice of headers or not...

    As far as the lettering, thats an easy change, and all mine have been changed with no scratching, just takes some elbow grease.

    But ask in the Gen1 forum and you'll get some better help than 1, welcome to the awesomeness of Viper ownership!
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    Sep 26, 2010
    Oh yea, Very Nice
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    The best thing to remove the raised lettering on the side of the car with is Dental floss, Just carefully move it back and forth on each individual letter.
    Remove any solvent residue with WD40 :)

    Nice Car,
    Your car would benefit from Headers, Belanger seem to be the norm that most people go for :) They also have Hi flow cats and side exit exhaust options.
    A couple of things to think about with headers is heat! It is preferable to replace the original heat shields, Also where the headers run close to the large plastic air box on the right hand side of the engine, the lower parts of the airbox have been known to melt, so think about heat shielding that area with an aftermarket heat shield product.

    Upgrade the Air filters to K&N inside the air box and get yourself some smooth tubes between the throttle bodys and Airbox for a small power increase. Contact JonB at partsrack for Harness info, my 5 point harnesses are made by Team tech
    I changed out the side badges on my GTS to Chrome ones, I got them from VPA, things are not always is stock so it pays to ask.

    Put some masking tape along the edges of the original emblems so you can use it as a template when you install the new emblems.

    I went from these.....

    To these.......
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  5. gobigblue42071

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    Dec 26, 2014
    Thanks for the advice and the nice welcome!
  6. denniskgb

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    In other words you can start little and then put, pour or dump endless $$$ into it. Vipers seem to love it.:D Congrats on a nice car:2tu:
  7. Lexciting

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    Jul 2, 2004
    I have a 1994 also and here would be my upgrades (bolt-on) based on benefit/cost and this is omitting the head gasket replacement if needed:
    1) K&N Filters & Smooth Tubes
    2) Upgrade plug wires/plugs (Its a 20yr car and probably can get gains from new wires. recommend: AB QualityWires)
    3) Exhaust system with high flow cats (or no cats if you can get away with it. Stock exhaust is heavy and restrictive)
    4) 40mm Rear Brake upgrade (Tom's) and brake pad upgrade (Hawks) (better stopping power)
    5) New Tires (and upgrade wheels to 18s if you can; I went with Gen2 ACR wheels: lighter)
    6) 180 T-Stat
    7) Belanger Headers (good HP gain especially with exhaust system)
    8) Cam upgrade (Gen2 708 cam or Comp Cam if want better performance not too radical and not going to port/polish heads)
    9) Harland 1.7 Roller Rocket Upgrade
    10) *Heads Port and Polish
    11) *Gen 2 injectors

    *VEC2/3 (if you can find one used) and Mustang Dyno tune

    I did all of the above in that order except I had the heads port/polish and got a Comp Cam instead of the 708 cam. Car was strong with upgrades 1 thru 4, 5 thru 7 was bigger improvement, port/polish now beat Gen3 vipers and hold my own against Gen4s especially if I get the jump because of my TQ which is great for a 20yr old car! Mustang Dyno: 484RWHP 530TQ or 569HP 623TQ at the crank (15% driveline loss. That was before I broke in the motor so hopefully I have gained some more HP/TQ.)

    Good Luck
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    Go to:,, Great places. Tell Chris @ viper store & Steve @ Autoformgroup that Dave sent you.

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