Illustrated Upgrades

$2.47 fix to cabin airbox gasket
I posted the other day about the gasket on my airbox being toast. Found it when doing plugs and wires. See pic below. Several replied wondering what a new OE gasket would cost. I never buy weather str... [read more]

"Ice Cube" side sills, custom Belanger heat shields - update - a few pics
Very close after several months of working, to have the data (temps) on the sills, and the design of the custom heat shields I’m building. I know there were a few interested parties in what I&r... [read more]

2008 ACR Owners Manual This is a PDF you can save to your computer.... [read more]

A guide to installing the MSD fuel pump booster
The ProductThe MSD fuel pump booster/ boost-a-pump (BAP as it will be referred to from here on) is a voltage booster that can be adjusted to increase the voltage to the stock fuel pump(or aftermarket)... [read more]

ACR Oil Filter Adapter Installation (Gen II) by Henry & Janni Cone
[ATTACH]8176[/ATTACH] ACR Oil Filter Adapter Installation Instructions (Gen II) Instructions by: Henry & Janni ConePerformed on:Our 2 1996 GTS Coupes Parts Required: Mopar P/N 04886503AC ACR Shuttle V... [read more]

ACR Wing End Plate Fastener Repair THAT WORKS
What to do when the end plate of your mega dollar ACR wing comes off or you try and take it off and can’t get it to go back on. Now that its fall and my Vipers are snug in their beds for the win... [read more]

Adding Stripes to your Viper by Aaron
[LEFT][ATTACH]8170[/ATTACH] Adding Vinyl Stripes to your Viper[/LEFT] [LEFT]Special thanks to Aaron (USAF BAD ASP) for this contribution![/LEFT] [LEFT]ORIGINALLY ADDED TO THE ILLUSTRATED UPGRADES 3/19... [read more]

Adjusting Roller Rockers Made Easy
[ATTACH]8166[/ATTACH] I just had some head work done and before I adjusted the rockers I looked at making the process a bit easier. I have adjusted rockers multiple times and it has never been easy. E... [read more]

Adjusting the Gen I/II hood latch
[ATTACH]8172[/ATTACH] I just snapped some pics to help.. adjusting the latch & hood bumper. First, check that the latch loop is fastened ok underside the hood, if it’s loose that could be a culp... [read more]

Air fuel gauge mounted inside the dash
I wanted to try to put an air fuel gauge in the gauge cluster with the other factory gauges...turned out pretty good I think. I chose the Innovate XD-16 stand alone wide band kit...bought it from summ... [read more]

Air Intake Replacement ('92-'95) by Doug Azzarito
[ATTACH]8175[/ATTACH] Air Intake Replacement Instructions by: Doug AzzaritoPerformed on: 1994 RT/10Applies to: ’92-’95 RT/10 Benefits: Increased horsepower (~10 HP) Parts Required: 16&q... [read more]

Archer Racing Tow Hooks - Guide and Photos
‘How does one properly tow a totally stock Viper?" There appears to be a couple of correct answers: 1. Cloth/nylon straps are used to tow the car up onto a flat trailer. These straps are ca... [read more]

Arthroscopic foglight-ectomy. (How to install Gen3 foglights)
Gen2 foglights are notorious for cracked lenses. I think the glass is brittle to begin with, plus they are in an area that gets hit by road debris. I had a hard time locating the original equipment ty... [read more]

Battery Tray Cleaning - Guide & Photos
PrefaceI remember reading a post from Steve-Indy regarding battery tray maintenance some time ago. Steve posted his procedure for cleaning the corrosion in the battery tray compartment, which, if left... [read more]

Billet Pulley - Idler swap out....
Well after a whole lot of hard work, money and time, my engine was really beginning to look sharp. I figure that if I keep at it, it will be so damn nice I will never have to drive the rig again…... [read more]

Clutch Pedal Position
[ATTACH]8165[/ATTACH] Does anyone know if the clutch can be independently positioned? I know the pedals move in a group and according to the repair manual they are serviced as a group but I would like... [read more]

CORSA 3” Cat-Back Installation by Ken Hahn
[LEFT][ATTACH]8173[/ATTACH] Corsa 3" Cat-back Installation[/LEFT] [LEFT]Written by: Ken HahnPerformed on: 2001 GTS[/LEFT] Applies to:1996 & newer RT/10 & GTS Benefit: Better quality and volume ... [read more]

Coupe fuel door retrofit on Convertible
I started looking into the possibility of retrofitting a coupe fuel door on my convertible. I talked to Michael at XVIPERS which carries these doors at a much better prize than the dealership is askin... [read more]

Custom Diffuser and Splitter Builds
[CENTER]FINAL SUMMARYMaterials, Cost, Time etc.[/CENTER]This is of course how I built them. Your results could vary.Materials:Front Splitter - 1/2" thick x 24" x 72" structural fibergl... [read more]

Daytime Running Lights
This car is similar to my 01 wiring (Power Control Module) so I figured out a much easier, super simple way to save the $500 some Canadian Dealers cahrge for installation of the DRLéDaytime Running Li... [read more]

Dilusi Front Air Deflectors by Vipermad
Dilusi Front Brake Air Deflector Install Instructions by: Tony RickardPerformed on: ’97 GTS Applies to: All Viper GTS’s and RT/10’s(?) (check Figure 1)Benefit: If you like to "t... [read more]

Disabling the Skip-Shift by Doug Azzarito
[ATTACH]8178[/ATTACH] Disabling the Skip-shift Instructions by: Doug AzzaritoPerformed on: 1994 RT/10Applies to: All years/modelsBenefits: No more annoying 1-4 shiftsParts Required: Electrical tape or... [read more]

DIY - Breather System from AC Performance
After working with Todd @ AC Performance to tune my Viper I decided to install Todd’s Pro Breather System on my GenII. Got the kit last week and will be installing it starting tomorrow. Not sure... [read more]

DIY - Door Hinge & Hood Mechanism Lubrication
I know, you’re probably thinking do we really need pics on how to lube the door hinges? And should you really be telling lies about oiling the hood so it won’t stay up? Well, as many peopl... [read more]

DIY - Fix for Floppy Fascia (without Fascia Removal) by Andrew
So, a few weeks back, I tried a search on the forum and also checked out the DIY section, and could not find anything that addressed my floppy front fascia without having to physically remove the fasc... [read more]

DIY - Gen 2 coolant level check & top off
Another one of those quirky things about the Viper that sends some new owners to the looney bin. Stunned that the coolant level check is in the wheel well, let alone how do you add coolant? I was doin... [read more]

DIY - GenII Brake Duct Cooling Installation
The PrefaceI wish I could honestly say that my driving skills with the Viper reached a point whereby I was frying my brakes/rotors on the track, but, no that’s not the case. :D 95% of the reaso... [read more]

DIY GEN IV Catch Can
There’s a number of threads, posts and comments regarding using an oil "Catch Can" on the GEN IV Viper. ViperX, our long time and outgoing SCA President, showed me how he did his. I co... [read more]

DIY Quick Links
This thread contains links to our "Illustrated Upgrades Section". For your convenience, the links have been categorized. Body/ExteriorWindow Regulator FixDIY - Door Hinge & Hood Mechanism Lu... [read more]

DIY: AN Fittings & Braided Lines (Applies to all generations)
PREFACE:Many of my DIY articles are transposed from the dozens that I did for my 2005 Dodge Ram SRT-10. In regards to the engine and transmission, they are pretty much identical to what’s found ... [read more]

DIY: Braided Heater Hose Lines (with REAL AN fittings!)
PREFACE:Many of my DIY articles are transposed from the dozens that I did for my 2005 Dodge Ram SRT-10. In regards to the engine and transmission, they are pretty much identical to what’s found ... [read more]

DIY: Brake Bleeding (Gen.3 & 4)
PREFACE:Many of my DIY articles are transposed from the dozens that I did for my 2005 Dodge Ram SRT-10. In regards to the engine and transmission, they are pretty much identical to what’s found ... [read more]

DIY: Clutch Bleeding for Gen.3 & Gen.4 (T-56 and T-6060 transmissions)
PREFACE:Many of my DIY articles are transposed from the dozens that I did for my 2005 Dodge Ram SRT-10. In regards to the engine and transmission, they are pretty much identical to what’s found... [read more]

DIY: Oil Change (Gen. 3 & Gen 4.)
PREFACE:Many of my DIY articles are transposed from the dozens that I did for my 2005 Dodge Ram SRT-10. In regards to the engine and transmission, they are pretty much identical to what’s found ... [read more]

DIY: Oil Change (Gen. 3 & Gen 4.)
PREFACE:Many of my DIY articles are transposed from the dozens that I did for my 2005 Dodge Ram SRT-10. In regards to the engine and transmission, they are pretty much identical to what’s found ... [read more]

DIY: Oil Cooler Lines (Gen.3 & 4)
PREFACE:Many of my DIY articles are transposed from the dozens that I did for my 2005 Dodge Ram SRT-10. In regards to the engine and transmission, they are pretty much identical to what’s found ... [read more]

DIY: Ring Clamp Modification
PREFACE:Many of my DIY articles are transposed from the dozens that I did for my 2005 Dodge Ram SRT-10. In regards to the engine and transmission, they are pretty much identical to what’s found ... [read more]

DIY: T-56 Manual Transmmission Fluid Change (Gen.3)
PREFACE:Many of my DIY articles are transposed from the dozens that I did for my 2005 Dodge Ram SRT-10. In regards to the engine and transmission, they are pretty much identical to what’s found ... [read more]

DIY: -AN fittings & braided lines for CCV on Gen.3
PREFACE:Many of my DIY articles are transposed from the dozens that I did for my 2005 Dodge Ram SRT-10. In regards to the engine and transmission, they are pretty much identical to what’s found ... [read more]

DIY: Intake polishing
I was supposed to do this intake polishing job during the winter while we have 7 feet snow in the entrance. However I was so bored the last two weeks that I have decided to do this job right way ! I s... [read more]

Door Popper For '93 Through 96 Viper Roadsters
DOOR POPPER FOR ’93 THROUGH 96 VIPER ROADSTERS Recipe by: Tom McCarty and Don Ruckman [EMAIL="[email protected]"][/EMAIL]Performed on: 1996 RT/10 Applies to: ’92-’96 RT/10Be... [read more]

Easy way to replace clutch pedal bushing - Gen 1/2
Open the hood and remove the washer fluid reservoir.Use a 2 1/2" hole saw to drill an access hole.Now you have access to the "E" clip and basket clip.Pop off the basket clip to release ... [read more]

Easy way to replace clutch pedal bushing.
Open the hood and remove the washer fluid reservoir.Use a 2 1/2" hole saw to drill an access hole.Now you have access to the "E" clip and basket clip.Pop off the basket clip to release ... [read more]

Eibachs: A How To
All the recent talk about eibachs, lowering springs, caps, and stock springs I decided it was time to do mine. Time spent was about 6 hours. You will see most of that was spent with the crappy tool us... [read more]

Engine Mount Install Guide
I just completed my engine mount and transmission mount installation and I have a ton of installation pics. If anyone is interested in a "How To" guide, I’d be more than happy to write... [read more]

fed up with saggy doors? Don't order hinges quite yet - solution inside...
:2tu:Ok, so I decided to tackle the problematic doors. The passenger side would simply not shut had to be "lifted and press shut" in order for it to latch correctly. Thanks to ... [read more]

Fifth Harness Seat Modification by Jerry Scott
Fifth Harness Seat Modification Instructions by: Jerry ScottTools needed:T-15 Torx driverTwo slightly longer grade 8, 8 mm bolts8mm open/box-end wrenchCost: ~$300 including modification to both seats ... [read more]

Fixed my cracked center console
[ATTACH]8179[/ATTACH] The center console in the Viper has a tendency to crack.I searched through the forums and read about different methods to fix / cure the problem. Mine had a very small crack righ... [read more]

Fixing Air Exhauster Vents - Pics included (Bad ones cause exhaust smell)
[ATTACH]8162[/ATTACH] Viperholics, Took some pics of the infamous Air Exhauster Vents. Thanks to ’The Wizard/Chuck Tator’, I was able to find the problem and correct it. For those of you t... [read more]

Fluidyne Radiator Installation by Jay Lopez
[LEFT]Submitted By: Jay LopezORIGINALLY ADDED TO THE ILLUSTRATED UPGRADES 3/28/02 Tools needed: Your whole tool box...and maybe more. Time Required: Varies based on mechanical skills. ... [read more]

Front Sway Bar Link Replacement
Front Sway Bar Link Replacement Parts needed: Front Sway Bar Link- part# 04763147Rear Sway Bar Link- part# 04709289(not needed; info provided for those wanting to do the rear links) Tools needed: Jac... [read more]

Fuel Filter Replacement Procedure
If this thread prevents one person from making the same mistake I did, it was worth the effort. I broke the plastic fuel line connecting the fuel filter to the tank while replacing the fuel filter. MA... [read more]

Fuse Tap, Wire Tap..Super clean power out for your Viper
What a pain it is to wire in a new device and have to deal with the stock fuse block!I have been using the usual group of lame products, always looking for an absolutely brilliant solution. Well, I am... [read more]

Gen 2 Thermostat How To
I’ll assume 3 things before we start here: --> You have an OEM repair manual--> You have the correct tools (or close)--> You have mechanical aptitude This pictorial starts a little farther along... [read more]

Gen II - Getting a wire/cable into the cockpit
GenII - Getting a wire/cable into the cockpit Anybody about to do any serious customizing may wonder what the best way is to get a wire or small diameter cable into the cockpit interior from the engin... [read more]

GEN II - Installing Billet Steering Rack Bushings
Installing Billet Steering Rack Bushings on a GEN IIParts:Billet Steering Rack Bushings (I got mine from IPSCO. The website states that they will work for 1992-2009 vipers.)Tools:Ratchet (3/8" o... [read more]

GEN II - Installing HID Fog Lights
GEN II – HID Fog Light InstallationParts:DDM Limited Edition Slim HID Xenon Conversion KitsWattage: 35, Bulb Type: H3, Bulb Color: 3000K (yellow)1’ x 3M Dual Lock Reclosable Fastening System (su... [read more]

GEN II - Removing the Front Fascia
Removing the Front Fascia from a GEN IIParts:Blue painters tapeProtective pad/blanketNew fascia panel retainers (Chrysler # 6501067, tree fasteners) - Chrysler # 6501067Clips and Fasteners -... [read more]

GEN II - Replacing the Fascia Panel Retainers with Body Bolts
GEN II - Replacing the Fascia Panel Retainers with Body BoltsDealing with the fascia panel retainers is a big PITA. Dave6666 suggested that I replace the retainers with body bolts so that future remo... [read more]

Gen II Interior Door Handle Upgrade
I have the older version of the interior door handle (92-98), but I’ve always loved the look of the curvy brushed aluminum handle that came in 99 and laster. The plastic surround on my passenge... [read more]

Gen III: Removing intake, swapping clutch plate, etc.
Sorry this pictorial isn’t too detailed, but it’s late and Gene wanted me to post his progress of the work I am doing for him. He is powder coating, exhaust, spark plug wires, new clutch, ... [read more]

GenII Dash Removal: Guide & Photos by Ken (LifeIsGood)
Remove the following... Shift Knob[INDENT]- push the shift boot down over the shift knob locking nut[/INDENT][INDENT]- use the 3/4" crescent wrench on the locking nut and the adjustable crescent ... [read more]

GTS Frumpy Fascia Fix
I’ve seen a few cars with this issue; the distorted front fascia openings. Mine got worse when I put the Roe kit in, and good news is, it provided the platform to fix it.First I needed to sturd... [read more]

GTS Rear Taillight Surround Removal
GTS Rear Taillight Surround Removal Instructions by: VipermadPerformed on: ’97 GTSCredits: PartsRack, The Viper Wizard, Tom Sessions. Applies to: All Viper GTS’s (I think)Benefit: Allows y... [read more]

Help with Window Regulator
Went out today in the Viper, Put the window down, but when I wanted it to come back up heard a cracking sound! After getting home and taking door apart found this!! The Nylon block which goes up and ... [read more]

Hoodpad Logo Painting - How To, and How NOT To...
To everyone that voted in a recent poll I had about what color to paint the Viper GTS logo on my hoodpad... Thanks. Red and white striped it is. So what’s up with the "how NOT to" busi... [read more]

How to build a Primer Timer and cure your Viper Fuel Pump Starting Problem
For a time I built and sold these so I am sure they work well. Here are the instructions on how to do it yourself. I hope this is explained well enough to make it into the How-to section. Vipers may ... [read more]

How to fix those stripped battery box cover fender lip screws
I really thought that the 2.7625 inch pounds of torque I was using would be OK. But they are finally all stripped. You know, these: Right here... You could use some oversize screws. :crazy2: Regular... [read more]

How To Hard Wire Install a Valentine1 Radar Detector by Ron
How to Hard-Wire install a Valentine 1 Radar Detector in a Dodge Viper GenII GTS Parts List:A) 1 – Valentine One Radar Detector $399.00B) 1 – Valentine One Remote Display $39.00C) 1 –... [read more]

How to install 40mm Viper Rear Brake Calipers
I’m putting these instructions here for all to see and for eventual inclusion in the Illustrated Guide. This will give you step by step instructions, a list of the tools, and pictures to swap re... [read more]

How to Repair Curb Rash
I scratched the right rear last weekend as you can see by the debris left on the tire, so it was time to fix it. Start with various grades of surface conditioners, a dremel and coarse and fine buffing... [read more]

How to repair stripped welded in frame and chassis nuts - professionally
I know, you can always drill them out and put a bolt through those pesky nuts they weld to the chassis when you strip one. Or get a nut on the back side if you have access. I always try to get as clos... [read more]

How to rescue yellowed headlights
I have disassembled a Gen 1 headlight that was functionally fine, but unusable due to a cloudy, yellowed lens. In the following posts I’ll outline how to do it. Mine were pretty bad; thanks to a... [read more]

How-to: S2000 start button install For Gen 1 and 2
The Honda S2000 comes from the factory with the coolest start button easily available. It is straightforward to adapt to a variety of applications. There is no special wiring or tools need to insta... [read more]

Ignition Wire Set – Guide And Photos
This is a relatively simple project that you can do yourself. It is a great rainy/snowy day project that can improve the performance of a Viper that hasn’t seen a new set of wires in many years.... [read more]

Installing a Crankcase Breather System “Puke Tank” – Photos and Guide
This is a simple, straightforward project that attends to a potentially harmful condition that can occur with some Viper engines putting out more than stock horsepower. The condition occurs with mostl... [read more]

Installing an iPod and Satellite Radio
By Ted Hlokoff I installed a Bluetooth Stereo/CD/MP3/ipod/etc. Premier Head unit into my 2001 GTS. Not owning an ipod (the wife and daughter do) I installed my Sirius Satellite Radio that I already ow... [read more]

Installing Dave's Big Brake Kit
As originally posted by Lance Kouchi I finally had some free time to do my brake upgrade.After doing some research and talking with many people, I decided to go with the SRT10 Brembo calipers front a... [read more]

Installing Roller Rocker Arms by Keith Verges
Installing Roller Rocker ArmsRecipe by: Keith R. VergesPerformed on: 1998 GTSApplies to: All years & modelsBenefits: Improved power due to decreased valve overlap (Crower quotes approx 40 hp at the fl... [read more]

Intake Swap Write Up
Well as many of you saw I finished the swap of my stock intake with that of a new polished one. Man does it look great. I want to thank mirror finish polishing for such a supperb job. I can only imagi... [read more]

Why do it? Why take a perfectly good air box and swap it out? The facts are that with quality high flow filters and smooth tubes, the stock air box delivers all the air a set of stock throttle bodies ... [read more]

Key Fob Remote Programming (DIY) by Ron
[ATTACH]8160[/ATTACH] Originally posted by Ron: 1. Ensure the alarm system is not armed. 2. (1996 ~ 1998 GEN II) Ground pin C13 loose green wire taped to harness of EEM connector, which is under dash ... [read more]

Lighting Power Windows switchs Gen 2
If you didn’t knew, the power windows switchs are designed to be backlighted.If you look very carefully at the top of the switch, you will see a clear plastic "window" designed to let ... [read more]

lowered my seat 1" DIY
Tired of sitting so high and peeking to see traffic lights I decided to lower my seat bracket. I removed my seat (4 bolts) and cut/welded the seat tracks an inch lower. Could have cut more, or cut tra... [read more]

M&M Headers on a Gen III Coupe How-To
How-To Install M&M Headers on a Gen III – 2006 SRT Coupe I’m going to do this in several pieces to make the posting and eventual editing more manageable. While this how-to is specific to M... [read more]

Made a rear hub torque tool - Wizard approved!
OK. So Chuck hasn’t personally blessed my new tool, but I think I’ll get a deviled egg out of this. You might recall when he said DO NOT use the ebrake to hold the hub when torquing: :nono... [read more]

Method to bleed air out of your hydraulic clutch system
I recently changed my clutch and slave. After searching and finding many posts, there were many, many compaints about soft pedals and attempts to bleed a clutch unsuccessfully on a Viper. The method m... [read more]

MGW, Ltd Short throw shifter install
MGW, Ltd Short throw shifter install for 03-08 SRT-10 Viper Illustrated The following install instructions involve the use of a Lift as well as a transmission jack. There are other methods which invol... [read more]

Mityvac by Dave - what I got and how I use it
I have had many inquiries in my tenure here at this forum about the Mityvac equipment I use. What I have, how and what I use it for etc. So here it is in all it’s glory; pics and explanation.A... [read more]

Modifry Shift Beeper installation in GTS
Don Ruckman has posted in the past about this mod, as well as having written instructions for the installation of the shift beeper in the Gen 1 & 2 Vipers. I based my installation on the the fact that... [read more]

Mounting a Wideband in a Viper - Guide and Photos
I’ve gotten enough calls that reworking my earlier thread on the placement of a wideband reader in a Viper exhaust is in order. Some of you may remember that I wrote this up over the winter, but... [read more]

My GenII CCV Air-Oil Seperator
Somewhere in this thread I mentioned that my intake runners were very dirty so much so that the parts washer water was blackened two times over. Apparently, gunk got into my intake. I suspect it was f... [read more]

Official Thread on Coil Over Removal on the SRT-10 by ab. Pictures inside!
Here is a start for you guys. More to come. Took a lot of pictures and timeediting them. This is for the Moton install, but it can also be used to reference taking offcoils and caps for other applicat... [read more]

Oil changes and Filter Wrench
At a Canadian Tire the idiots made up some BS about they couldn’t check my transmission fluid on my Stealth because of "Liability" if they stripped the fill/check oil plug.???!!!! So I... [read more]

Oil Pan Baffle install
[ATTACH]8169[/ATTACH] I decided to do the oil pan baffle upgrade in preparation for some upcoming track events.The oil pan baffle prevents engine oil starvation by keeping the oil in the center of the... [read more]

I’ve used this system successfully on my Viper for a number of years. The system is inexpensive, well made and keeps your battery perfectly. The unit itself is very small and, utilizing the alte... [read more]

Original Mopar RT/10 Spoiler Installation Instructions
Attached is a PDF document containing the orignal Mopar RT/10 Spoiler "Whale Tale" installation instructions. There are becoming harder to come by. Enjoy.[ATTACH]21991[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG... [read more]

PIA Changing Engine Mounts How To by Mike
Just to inform anyone ahead of time, what you may encounter.. I bought new engine and trans mount from Mark J., nice mounts, I like that the steel was zinc plated to avoid future corrosion. Now off t... [read more]

Power Steering Pulley & Bracket Replacement - Guide & Photos
We will be replacing both the pulley and the bracket on a 2000 GTS viper. We are using the pulley and bracket parts from Dave’s Viper Shop (( The pulley goes for $125.00 ... [read more]

Power Steering Warning to ALL!! and how to fix it the easy way
[ATTACH]8180[/ATTACH] I had a problem with my power steering locking up and after doing some research here on the site I found that my POS plastic pulley was spinning on its hub. I have read a lot of ... [read more]

Quick fix for blower motor rubber seal
Parts needed for replacing the rubber seal from McMaster Carr: Foam rubber tubingpart # - 4339T17. Neoprene foam tape part # - 75315A32. The seal on my 94 was an eyesore and obviously not sealing to ... [read more]

RB1 + Sirius + iPod + UConnect all working including display!
[ATTACH]8163[/ATTACH] It took a bit of cable harness reverse engineering, but I got the RB1 to connect to my factory installed Sirius, and I added the iPod adapter kit as well as the UConnect bluetoot... [read more]

Rear Crankshaft Oil Seal Replacement (including pilot bearing) on a 96 GTS
Part I of II I got tired of oil leaks messing up my garage floor so decided to replace the rear crankshaft oil seal this winter and wanted to share my experience. Before I get into too much detail tho... [read more]

Roe Clutch Lowering Kit - Guide & Photos
Preface If you’re uncomfortable with your clutch pedal postion then this upgrade may be for you. As much I love and enjoy my RT/10 I always felt uncomfortable with the stock clutch pedal positio... [read more]

Roe Fuel Rail Gauge Detail - Guide & Photos
If you have a Roe Racing Super Charger mounted on your GenII Viper, there is a very simple and clean little ditty that you can do. Interestingly, the Schreader Valve located on the Passenger side Fuel... [read more]

Roe Racing Fan Kit Installation by Sean Roe
[LEFT]Thermostatically Controlled Fan Kit Installation[/LEFT] Instructions by: Sean RoePerformed on: ’96 GTSApplies to: All Viper GTS’s and RT/10’sBenefit: When you shut your Viper&... [read more]

Side Sill Modification by Jerry Scott
Viper Sill Modification For Machine Screws, 93 through 02 Submitted by: Jerry ScottTotal cost: ~$45.00 List of tools/parts for Viper sill modification: 18 ea. steel rivet nuts size 10-32 cad plated6e... [read more]

Stainless Braided Line - Guide & Photos
Another simple one for folks to think about this winter. It was Kevin Knight and his incredibly beautiful Viper that first showed this trick to me. It’s simple, tough as nails and can be done in... [read more]

Team Tech 6 point belts/ harness - install
A few folks have recently asked questions on the 6 point install and wanted pictures, I just put these in my new 08 today, works for all Gen III’s and IV’s. (Had them in my ’06 coupe... [read more]

TeamTech Harness Installation by Janni & Henry Cone
[ATTACH]8177[/ATTACH] TeamTech Harness Installation Instructions Instructions by: Henry and Janni ConePerformed on: 1996 and 1997 GTS Coupes You will need 2 sets of Team Tech "Ram Pac 6004" ... [read more]

Transmission rear main seal replacement
Does the front of your Shaft have Seepage? The Viper transmission rear main seal can be called an Extension Housing Yoke Seal or a Tail Housing Oil Seal. The service manual will call for several spec... [read more]

Ultimate hoodpad post - removal and painting
First off, credits. If you search this forum using the term "hoodpad" you will come up with numerous threads. I read them all, and would not have attempted this project without that informat... [read more]

Updated/Improved Custom Ramps
[ATTACH]8168[/ATTACH] A few months ago there were some questions about how to get the VIPER off the ground to perform maintenance. In this post: [read more]

Valve Cover Removal & Installation For Gen. Iii Viper Engines
Hey folks!I wanted to get you all something, but with such varying tastes it was really difficult.So, instead, I got you all a DIY article! :)This one is VERY basic. It’s more for those that a... [read more]

Valve Cover Viper Logo / Intake Ribs Refinishing - Guide & Photos
This project will rejuvenate the finish of the polished raised logos on stock Viper valve covers. The same technique would be used for the polished raised ribs on the stock intake. This project was do... [read more]

Vec3 Custom Box - Guide & Photos
It’s that time of year.... I thought you folks would enjoy a simple one to start off what promises to be a pretty good modification season. This is a very short guide to introduce a very nice ne... [read more]

Viper Differential Drain Plug Install by Jerry Scott
[ATTACH]8174[/ATTACH] Originally written by Jerry Scott ORIGINALLY ADDED TO THE ILLUSTRATED UPGRADES ON 6/23/02 You will need the following tools:[LEFT]1/2 in. chuck, variable speed electric drill.[... [read more]

Viper Parts Listings - All Model Years
PDF files containing Vipers parts lists, illustrations and part numbers for all model years can be found below. 1992 - 1996 Viper Parts Catalog 1997 Viper Parts Catalog 1998 Viper Parts Catalog 1999 ... [read more]

Wheel liner rivet workaround - easy removal next time..
[ATTACH]8167[/ATTACH] If you ever had to remove your wheel liner, what a pain trying to drill out the one rivet that holds the plastic wheel liner, and trying not to scratch your car or slip with the ... [read more]

Window Switch Repair
I searched and did not see any information about disassembling the window switches so I thought I would post this information.My driver side window would not work consistently. At first I thought the ... [read more]

Wiring Wideband , O2, VEC - Guide, Photos
Thanks to all that provided the basis for this guide, much appreciated. Here is a full photo series on wiring in an INNOVATE LC-1 wideband oxygen sensor in a 2000 GTS. It is a continuation of this thr... [read more]