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    Buttonwillow Raceway 12/21 - 12/22!

    My first time ever on a track was at Buttonwillow. I loved it. Hope you all had a great time and we all look forward to setting up a good track event for all of us to attend together. Merry Christmas !
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    Buttonwillow Raceway 12/21 - 12/22!

    Hey Todd, Have a great time out there. Jonathon is a great guy and instructor. Be safe and we'll see you soon. Lance
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    Any tips for visiting LA in October?

    Hi Holger, Another really cool Dealership that I would visit is Motor Village L.A.. They are right in the heart of downtown LA. They have a dedicated showroom for the SRT products that is incredible and almost a tourist attraction in itself. If interested, shoot me a pm and I will set you up...
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    Maiden Road Trip - CA Viper Rendezvous

    Hey Venom V, It was a great pleasure to meet you at the WZR. This is the first time I have gotten a good look at the Stryker Red in the sunlight. WOW, pictures just don't do it justice. It is gorgeous, ****, sinister and mean. Enjoy your Viper and we all look forward to seeing you folks...
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    Western Zone Rendezvous Aug 23 - 25 Santa Brabara CA.

    We were treated to a great car show while we were in Solvang Visit to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library Air Force One Getting ready for our delicious dinner Sunday morning Gen V test drive for all our members ! What a great way to end the weekend !!!
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    Western Zone Rendezvous Aug 23 - 25 Santa Brabara CA.

    Thank you Glen ! The Western Zone Rendezvous was the result of many member's efforts. I never could have pulled this off on my own. Bottom line is that the event was a huge success because of all the VCA Members that participated in the event. Without you all, we had no event at all. Here...
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    1996 GTS Exhaust

    There are quite a few members in the Murrieta area. I will see if I can find out who has a gen 2 with a modified exhaust and let you know. Lance
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    Car Control Clinic September 7th, 2013

    Car Control Clinic Auto Club Speedway, Fontana CA September 7th, 2013 The So Cal Viper Club will be returning back to Auto Club Speedway in Fontana California to utilize their huge parking lot to stage our Member's only Car Control Clinic. This has always been a very popular event for new...
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    paint issues--please help

    Hi Kris, I have not heard anything yet, but as soon as I hear back from Tom, I will let you know.
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    paint issues--please help

    This is a separate issue. The window was not moving up into the window rubber channel when the door closed, as it is supposed to do. The first dealership replaced the window channel piece but did not reprogram the window properly. Unfortunately the window rubber channel piece they put in is...
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    paint issues--please help

    One thing I would say is that it really is NOT a door mis-alignment issue. The driver's door gaps all looked really even and there were no signs of rubbing except for the one small spot. With the car parked in the parking stall, we used a flashlight and looked in the gap where it was rubbing...
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    paint issues--please help

    SRT IS taking care of all the issues. I should have been a little more clear in my comment. In my honest opinion "some were marginal at best as to whether or not they should be covered under warranty. " The few items that could be considered marginal are things like scuff marks on the...
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    paint issues--please help

    I spent 90 minutes with the Service Manager at Glenn E. Thomas and the Chrysler Technical Advisor on Thursday morning. We went through the list of flagged items that needed to be addressed. While some of the items were obvious SRT related warranty items, some were marginal at best as to whether...
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    Western Zone Rendezvous in Santa Barbara CA Aug 23 - 25

    We have finally confirmed that we will now have the entire Reagan Library to ourselves ! This means that we will get great access to the exhibits, including the Lincoln Exhibit, without the crowds. Even better is that there will be no line to get into Air Force 1. Only a few more spots...
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    paint issues--please help

    Hi Kris, I'm sorry to hear about the issues you are having. I am helping another Gen V owner with issues that he is having and have been talking with our Dealership up in our area who has been very helpful. I am also working with the Chrysler Customer Service group too. Send me an email when...

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