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    PovertyPony replied to the thread Dodge 8.0 Differences?.
    That's exactly what I'm driving at. I've seen guys use rockers, pushrods, and other valvetrain parts from the Viper engine in the truck...
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    Larry1377 replied to the thread Mecum Indy-Viper.
    Agreed. A stock red 2006 with 5500 miles went for 82K at Barrett Jackson (Palm Beach) in April. Similar 2003 with 9900 miles went for...
  • MoparMap
    MoparMap replied to the thread Electrical demon.
    That kind of sounds like a funny BCM module, but I can't remember if the early cars actually even had one of those or not. Almost...
  • LDIXON3191
    LDIXON3191 replied to the thread 1993 RT Viper.
    It's still available I have so many inquiries with what seems to be very interested buyers but noone has bought it yet.
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    Hello, I'm new to the forum but I have owned my 2000 viper for a couple years now. I acquired the viper in trade for some dental...
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    deetman replied to the thread Oil Weight?.
    0w40 Mobile 1
  • MoparMap
    MoparMap replied to the thread Oil Weight?.
    Hmm, that's a tough one. I think with modern materials and lubricants it's probably not going to be an issue, but I can understand it...
  • MoparMap
    MoparMap replied to the thread Dodge 8.0 Differences?.
    I had thought they said the only real similarity between the two was bore spacing or something like that. I think there were only a...
  • Safewatch2002
    Safewatch2002 replied to the thread Gen2 supercharger.
    Thanks for the reply. I am down in Australia and the car has been converted to right hand drive would this cause issues for a Paxton.
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    batmanx68 replied to the thread Tires in Australia.
    The front tyres are not particularly hard to come by here in Oz, but the rears are imported in very small numbers annually as there are...
  • BlackWidow
    BlackWidow reacted to FST SNAKE's post in the thread The Quest for 275 MPH with Love Love.
    Got the blankets in for the turbos, really good fit. I'm starting to wrap/sleeve the hot side pipes so I can re-assemble them and then...
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    SketchyPete reacted to Steve-Indy's post in the thread 08 GEN 4 No spark with Like Like.
    Forgot to add that "ks" refers to. Knock Sensor 1 and 2
  • denniskgb
    i have a 1996 GTS vin # 106 bought it new the car has a nascar engine in it but i have the original engine on a stand with app 17000...
  • Steve-Indy
    Steve-Indy replied to the thread Battery.
    You can also keep Vipers on battery tenders attached under the hood.
  • denniskgb
    denniskgb reacted to Dan Cragin's post in the thread Gen2 supercharger with Like Like.
    Better off with the Paxton. More reliable and parts are available.

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