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Viper Specialty
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May 5, 2021 at 3:59 PM
Feb 14, 2002
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March 19
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Buffalo NY, USA
Owner; Viper Specialty Performance, 716-912-5336,

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Viper Specialty

Viper Owner, from Buffalo NY, USA

Viper Specialty was last seen:
May 5, 2021 at 3:59 PM
    1. rowlette420
      I need to see about getting a quote on a genIII built engine for a 76mm UGR TT kit please email me at [email protected]
    2. AJ02
      I am in need of the connectors for the Gen III fog lights. I am converting my Gen II and the plugs on the harness won't fit the newer lights.
    3. AJ02
      Dan, do you either have a Gen 2 water pump or know where I might buy one? VPA says they are on back order from Mopar with no guess as to when they might be available. Mine looks good, but as long as I have it off the car, I figure I better go ahead and replace it if I can find one. Thanks, Art
    4. RTIO
      Im looking for those spark plugs that you told my about .for a mild motor [email protected]
    5. Bitten
      Please email me about the mod for the stock gen2 oil filter adapter to make it work like the ACR adapter. [email protected] Thanks, Mike.
    6. EllowViper
      Need to discuss getting away from my VEC and into a SCT for my setup. VEC is now dropping tunes, running irradically, and all in all cannot now support all my mods. Getting to the point of having to turn off/on the key while driving to allow the VEC to reset. Really frustrating. Anyways, no way to physically get into your shop so whatever we decide needs to be done remotely. I'm looking for the SCT and Pro-Racer software with an theoretical tune that gets me in the ball park. I have PCMSCAN already (but haven't done any logging yet). Give me your thoughts and price estimates. Here is my basic setup:
      01 GTS with forged internals
      CompCam (I have the cam card) running solid roller. Max lift is around .575 intake .598 exhuast. Mildy ported heads with upgraded springs. Stock valves.
      Ported ROE w/2.8 Kenne Bell blower @ 13PSI
      Progressive W/M
      Bellager Headers, no cats, Corsa
      QC10WEP Champion Irridium plugs @ .28 gap
      Siemens DEKA 60# injectors running 60 PSI fuel pressure
      Stock TBs
      Findaza w/stock clutch, gears.

      I have an Innovate WB, boost, W/M LEDs, and fuel pressure in the cockpit.

      Looking forward to hearing your ideas.
    7. bluebya

      I just bought a 2001 GTS. I live in orchard park and glad to know there is a viper specialist near me in case of issues. Are there ever any gatherings or car shows that viper owners get together for?
    8. Bird325
      Dan, I just bought my first Viper and noticed on the long drive home that at one point, it had a lot of ping when I dropped to 4th for an aggressive pass starting at 80 mph. Would the SCT tuner that you're clearing out help with that? The ping went away with the next tank of gas, but I'm thinking that my factory tuning is border line. I think I want to get in on the SCT thing, but what is it going to cost once I add in the programming? I'm not racing or planning to, just want my new baby to run as good as possible.

      PS - unlike most of the Viper owners I've run across, money IS an object that I have to consider.
    9. Canyon707
      do you still have those b and b headers for sale??
    10. Bolt
      Dan, I am very interested in this tuner. I just did an engine build and need a quick tune and do not want to deal wiht the high cost of a tune. can this tuner be a crutch for be till I get my car tuned on a dyno or can this tuner do what I need. I an supercharged wiht an aftermarket cam and Greg Goods heads. http://photos.imageevent.com/bolt/viperbuild/websize/IMG_0002.JPG

      I'll be in Philidelphis Saturday morning. How far away from there are you?

    11. sniper1
      Were you needing the serial number off the back of the tuner and my vin number or anything els to get these tunes set up sir ?
    12. sniper1
      The list of mods are: smooth tubes, eddlebrock ceramic headers, 3" cat delete Borla exhaust, grannatelli solid core wires, O2 elims out back. Everything els is STOCK. No heads or cam or rockers. DRFs show 14.25 A/F at WOT in all three tunes from the SCT tuner. I do havea nitrous tune that limits the timing to no more than 20 degrees advance which I believe the stock and tuner advance allow to 26 or 28 degrees. I hope this helps. Thanks again...
    13. sniper1
      I have not used nitrous because of the AF numbers and I won't untill they are in an acceptable range, so no nitrous ticking time bomb here. I just need a good tuner with the correct tunes and thought you might be able to help me out. Thanks for the reply
    14. sniper1
      I've had an SCT for about a year now and I still have a problem with it being too lean 14.26 AF and I can't get the tuner from fast parts to fix it with proper tunes, can you help me? My mods are ceramic headers, 3" cat delete borla exhaust, smooth tubes. I also have nitrous on it and need a richer wot tune for that as well. Thanks in advance
    15. Canyon707
      I am all over it let me know or call me 707-333-9009
    16. Viper Specialty
      Viper Specialty
      Hi JP,

      Easiest way would be to grab them off the website, [I will update the real shipping costs after the fact, ignore the calculator] Otherwise, e-mail me at [email protected]
    17. jp
      Hi Dan, I would like to purchase a couple og Gen1 gasket sets. How do we arrange that?
    18. gen2lover
      Dan,Kevin.I did not forget about ya! Moneys tight till Spring.I plan on still seeing you or Chuck..hes really far though! How are ya? You are a really good guy sharing all your knowledge.Hows bizz?

      Kevin in Windsor,Ontario. I have a red 2002 rt-10 now.
    19. Viper Specialty
      Viper Specialty
      Hi Kevin,

      Yes, order was received. Keep in mind they were Pre-Orders and were only sitting in the system. You should have recieved a confirmation about a week or so later when I send the first batch of order confirmations out.
    20. kevin96rt
      did you get my order?never heard anything
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    March 19
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    Buffalo NY, USA
    Owner; Viper Specialty Performance, 716-912-5336,
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    Specializing in Forced Induction, Engine Design, and Tuning Systems

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