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    Rear fender liner bolt

    Anyone know the part number or a suitable replacement for the two bolts with washers that hold the rear fender liners in? I can’t seem to source them.
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    Engine Mount Bolt

    Can anyone tell me what the thread and size is for the fancy engine mount nut/washer is? I ended up breaking the stud/bolt in the mount and really need to get this car back together. And the factory nuts cost $25 each, which is fine but I can't get them for Saturday.
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    Frame behind front wheel arch rust

    It appears to be some sort of sealer that has rotted or burned, and come off. I have a couple of weeks before the car is back together and am trying to make sure I address any issues like this. Thoughts?
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    Frame behind front wheel arch rust

    I removed the wheel arch to take the side panel off for exhaust work this weekend. In doing so, I noticed some of what is either rust or seam sealer deterioration in the metal in front of the cat immediately behind the wheel arch. My question is how do I repair it? It is not bad, but I either...
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    New to me 2004 Viper

    I second this. I do a bunch of rally drives, and my car is lowered. Paint was nearly perfect 18000 miles ago. It is quite chewed up now. If you plan to drive it like a camry, you will probably be fine. But high speed tears the paint apart.