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Bad Brad
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Jul 30, 2016
Mar 23, 2014
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Bad Brad

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Jul 30, 2016
    1. Bad Brad
      Bad Brad
      Just purchased a 1995 gen 1 Black Viper, 21750 miles had it checked out by Viper mechanic, stock, car in excellent condition, has hard top, both windows, plexi- glass and the zipper windows look new, in a
      bag. Should I sell , one set of the windows?? if so how much?? No folding soft top, just the Hard top.
      LOTS OF FUN !!!!!!!!!!!!! love it !!!!!!!!!!! I wish this forum was more responsive, is it dying out??? or just fewer members?????? Hope to hear from someone. Live in Central Florida any Viper clubs
      near-by??? thanks Brad
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