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May 15, 2017
Dec 10, 2007
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Viper Owner, from Big-D

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May 15, 2017
    1. TexasTorred
      Going to stop by....But will park my 'daily driver' and walk in from there....Don't like to get pinned in there til' noon. Kind of crazy the few times I brought the Viper out.....
    2. sniper1
      I thought Id elaborate on the deferred prosecution/sentence deal. It's a verbal request to the court and it has to be agreed and accepted by both the judge and officer. You would have to plead guilty and pay all fines as if you were to if your were to be found guilty in trial. Ask for 60 days but take what they give ya cuz all ya gotta do then is not get another moving violation for that period of time and you're golden. It's very important you don't plead guilty before you ask for the Deferred! Good Luck ...
    3. mjorgensen Woodhouse
      mjorgensen Woodhouse
      The rotors are a 2 peice from Euroteck Motorsports. I do sell them and they come drilled, slotted, or both for $1700 a set direct fit.

      Thanks for the compliments I really love the new ride!
    4. rlbautogroup
      Hello. You can check our feedback. One of the ones we just delivered has just sent us a positive feedback. We purchased 15 and sold 7 within 24 hours. We guarante our vehicles 100% or your purchase cheerfully refunded plain and simple.
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