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    SRT Hood and full length stripes?

    I believe all GTS stripes are full-length regardless what hood you choose.
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    Since a Stock 2015 Hellcat w/ DR's Just ran 10.85 @126 ph in the 1/4 Mile...

    Historically, pony cars are derived from an economy car architecture. The challenger is a muscle car, and therefore derived from a sedan platform.
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    The current and future state of Viper sales and technology

    I think what the Viper needs is more strategic advertising. becoming a cultural icon involves more than just catering to your bread-and-butter auto enthusiast in has-been auto magazines and fan boy trolls on auto websites. Why do i not see Vipers in movies? Dodge should be trying to sell this...
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    Challenger Hellcat gets 707HP!

    Well if you're willing to spend an extra 40k to buy the transmission....
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    Challenger Hellcat gets 707HP!

    They didn't just add a supercharger and the equipment. They use a heaver block from the heavy duty truck application to start off, upgraded a lot of engine internals, added bigger brakes to handle the power, added enough cooling capacity to run hard in 100 degree weather and not experience heat...
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    Defect in rear hatch 2013 with strip package

    why not try contacting a ceo personally? plenty of them have social media pages through various services.
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    Hellcat in viper

    Won't fit; too wide. :bdh: :bdh: :bdh: :bdh: :bdh: :bdh: I'd like to see what they could do with FI and the V-10 though... we all know what a little boost can do to these massive engines;{).
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    Winding Road Article - Driven: 2014 SRT Viper TA - Great Review

    The grand touring mode has a race and street setup, whereas the TA has smooth track and rough track settings; the TA's settings are spaced closer together.
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    "---" off-road PCM

    :bdh: preaching to the choir lol
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    2015 Viper Colors

    hmm an anodized carbon with stryker red stripes, and a black/demonic red interior sounds nice not sure how you would keep it looking good though since the matte requires a different wax than the stripes
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    Road & Track Article Z/28 vs.the World (Including Viper TA)

    Also a camaro with barely any peripheral systems.. no AC, no stereo, etc.
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    Road & Track Article Z/28 vs.the World (Including Viper TA)

    The only article i've read that complained the TA's suspension was too soft... perhaps they should have switched it to "smooth track" mode? Also, they complained about The Viper's length, when it was the shorter than all except the Aston.
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    Hellcat versus Viper transmission

    I think we should wait and see the performance difference between the ZF-equipped Hellcat and the Tremic-quipped Hellcat. If the ZF offers a realistic performance gain over the tremic, then maybe an automatic SHOULD be on the table. As far as the ZF's durability goes, it has been extensively...
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    Should I wait for the 2015 refresh

    The GTS is the grand touring model, the TA is more track-focused with smaller variation between suspension settings, stiffer springs, solid sway bars, and higher thermal capacity brakes. It really depends on how much you want to spend on mods, what particular mods you plan on doing, how you plan...
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    You know what, why don't they just GIVE the Vipers away, that will put the sales figures through the roof! You can sell a million cars, but with no profit margin, it's all for nothing. TANSTAAFL. I think SRT should have capped GTS production to a fixed number of units per year. It's the only...