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mjorgensen Woodhouse
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Oct 20, 2017
Jun 8, 2005
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Omaha NE.
Woodhouse Viper service mgr.

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mjorgensen Woodhouse

Enthusiast, from Omaha NE.

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Oct 20, 2017
    1. Black Moon
      Black Moon
      Thanks Mark. Had it done to your specs. Drives great. Appreciate the help.
    2. Black Moon
      Black Moon
      Hi Mark. Do you have some more aggressive alignment specs for street driving (no track) for a Gen 3?
    3. Chrissss
      Mark this is Chris Huddleston. You guys put the novi 2000 in my gen 3. I have a question. All of a sudden today my Viper doesnt seem to have much power. It seems the supercharger is not kicking in. It idles just fine and oil pressure is fine but when I let off the gas the crackling backfire is much more excessive than normal. I don't get the throw back power at 2500 rpm. Also there is a burnt rubber smell in the cabin afterwards. This just started. Any ideas? Thanks. Chris
    4. AJ02
      Any idea where I might be able to buy a water pump for a Gen 2 GTS? VPA says Mopar has them backordered indefinitely! Art
    5. JG01
      Hi Mark,
      What is the cost for new rotors? 2010 ACR
    6. Husker

      Do you have any recommendations for brake pads? I am getting a lot of dust on my wheels and am thinking of changing pads.

      Now I know that sometimes there is a relationship to between a softer (more dust) pad and a harder pad (less dust). But the trade off is that you wear your rotors faster with a harder pad.

      I anticipate that 99% of my driving will be on the street.

      Any thoughts, suggestions or recommendations?

    7. johniew398
      Reference stock ACR 2010 shift lever and knob:

      I did find this on line

      Is this corrrect even though it just says gearshift knob?

      Mopar Part 1SZ091X9AA GEARSHIFT KNOB

      Item# 1SZ091X9AA

      Dealer price: $272.00

      Our price: $187.00
    8. mak1
      Hello Mark
      I was told from a member on this forum that you could be the person who can help me out in the following matter.
      I´m in a project of rebuilding a Viper SRT-10 -06 into an AC-Cobra replica. I want to put on the Halibrand Cobra rims. Theese have the 5 bolt pattern (5 bolts 114,3 instead of the Viper having 6 bolts 114,3). Can you tell me if its possible to get hubs, and the brake discs with the same measurements as the original SRT-10, with the 5-bolt pattern instead of 6-bolts as SRT original has?
      Mattias Kjellberg
    9. mjorgensen Woodhouse
      mjorgensen Woodhouse
      Sorry I totally forgot my note :-(
      I will get the numbers for you.
    10. dk_supra
      Hi Mark,

      please reply to me s I need the wiper blades and also a left and right
      outer belt w/strip. Will be waiting to hear from you.

    11. Viper Ed
      Viper Ed
      Mark, I am sorry to bother you, but I consider you the expert. I am putting a gen4 hood on a gen3, but can not seem to get a hood pad that is not damaged. Is this pad really needed? Will the paint get hurt without it? I have been told it is not needed, but I trust you. Thank you for being there. Viper Ed.
    12. mjorgensen Woodhouse
      mjorgensen Woodhouse

      I don't use anything but the Mobil1 here. ;-)
    13. Husker

      As the weather starts to warm up I am beginning think about getting my Viper out in the next month or so. On of the first things I would like to do is have the oil changed as soon as the roads are free of all the sand and trash from the winter.

      I have seen a recent thread on the VCA web site the stated Dodge dealers where now using Pennzoil in place of Mobil 1. Can you tell me which oil you are using? I have never been a big fan of Pennsoil.


      Larry Morgan
    14. X-Metal
      ill give ya call monday. thanks for getting back with me
    15. X-Metal
      hello mark do you still have some team tech harness'? i need a pair for my gen 2 and my gen4
      gary 812-477-1740
    16. PAvenomRT/10
      I am considering installing the DC Performance oil catch can for my ACR and wanted your opinion on the need to do so. I plan on tracking my car perhaps once per month or so during the season and have read about the possibility of drawing excess oil into the intake. What is your opinion about the need to install this system in general and do you have any opinion about the DC system that is available.
      As always, i appreciate your professional opinion.
      George aka PAVenom RT/10
    17. tzortzViper
      Woodhouse polymer mounts.
    18. mjorgensen Woodhouse
      mjorgensen Woodhouse

      The car is very nice and you will be happy. There is not really any manual for the Motons. There adjusters for them are marked + and - stiff and soft. The rebound adjustment is at the top of the shock, you can see it when the car is jacked up and the wheels are in droop. The compression adjustment is at the canister and is marked the same way.

      As for lowering the shocks will allow you to go as low as you want, but be warned that if you go too low the pan is vulnerable and the rear tires will contact the inner fender liners all the time which is not a good thing. You will HAVE to have the car re aligned if you do this, the spring perches are all threaded so lowering is easy. Make sure you have the rear at least 1/4" higher then the front for proper handling or the tail will be very sketchy.

      Call if you have any questions and enjoy! (in the spring) lol winter really sucks huh?

      Take care,

    19. bluebya
      Hi Mark,

      I just bought the 2008 viper,blue/silver stripes, that is being loaded on the woodhouse trailer today and being delivered to Buffalo. I do not know much about the Motons that are on the car. Is there anything i need to know? Bill mentioned he was going to see if you had any info on them and put it in the car. I am a weekend local driver (no tracks) so i would assume i should not be touching the current setup. However, i would love to lower the car as much as they will allow becasue i like the look. How low will the motons lower this car? How easy is it to adjust up and down?

      Also, i seen a post about the pass airbag on/off...i take my daughter for rides and my 01 had an actual switch. She weights about 40 lbs plus her car seat, will this car auto shut off when she is in the seat?

      Anything else i need to know about this car? what did you think of the car as i bought it sight unseen?

      i am sure i will be talking to you again soon, thanks!

    20. nutrientcobra
      Hi Mark
      Got the Corsa cat back put on today and love it. One outlet tube is needs turne up or down to match the other side but the guys did a awesome job! They even fixed my rattling defroster vent! I was and am still stoked. If you get a chance to buzz me please. I want to talk to you about headers and MAP controller. Thanks Shane 402 350 5080
    21. mjorgensen Woodhouse
      mjorgensen Woodhouse

      I will let you know Monday when I get back to the office.
    22. sniper1
      If its not too much to ask sir, can you gimmy a price on a new hood pad for a 96 B/W please.

    23. mjorgensen Woodhouse
      mjorgensen Woodhouse
      LOL, you know I have 2 sets of them right haha.

      We sell the Mopar PCM for the Gen4 but most other things are aftermarket like Corsa, ATI...
    24. Tampa Real Estate
      Tampa Real Estate
      Mark, do you recommend any of the Mopar stuff compared to aftermarket, like exhaust, computer, underdrive, cam, or any of the other stuff listed by mopar? Thanks

      PS get those red wheels off your pic, they're on my car now. just kidding, thanks
    25. ViperGeorge
      Mark, I have the Race Logic traction control in my paxtonized 06. Rick Schoop got it from you guys and installed it when he did the Paxton install. I live in MA so I haven't gotten the car back to Rick for any adjustments. My problem is the traction control is not dialed in correctly. It engages at very slow speeds in the wet going in a straight line. Sometimes even in the dry unless I dial the knob way back. Is there a standard setup you start with when putting one of these in a Viper? If so can you email it to me at [email protected]? Thanks.
    26. Jeff Monheim
      Jeff Monheim
      Sorry wrong place
    27. 97fatboy
    28. mjorgensen Woodhouse
      mjorgensen Woodhouse
      Yes if he follows exactly it will be fine, also make sure he clears ALL trouble codes before starting the reflash.
    29. 300656
      Thanks. I found the updated Contol Module instructions in my messages section of this site - no photos were included. Can I assume that my Viper tech will know what is going on without them?
    30. Chipster
      Do you happen to have a good set of Gen II heads for sale???? Stock or aftermarket
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