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    The Quest for 275 MPH

    now that's a full blown race car. Where were the turbos mounted before?
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    Updating my twin turbo Gen 3, have some questions

    Hey guys, I have a 2005 twin turbo Viper which was built by Racing Solutions, looks like maybe back in around 2008-2010. I've reached out to RSI to try get some information about the car, but they don't seem to know much about it. I had some issues with the car not wanting to build more than 5...
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    stand alone wiring system

    Pm sent. If it’s an infinity system I will take it
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    Buying a Gen 3 that needs these things - Advice

    If you’re gonna change out your shocks, go with a new set of coil overs. My car had the same issues, the front shocks were leaking. I ordered a set of BC racing coil overs and the car rides 10x better and I can set the ride height
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    The Quest for 275 MPH

    thanks for posting all these updates, hopefully you see the 275 you're hoping for!
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    Paint Repair to Flat Black Exhaust Exit

    I think regular high temp rattle can flat black should work. I highly doubt you'd be able to see a difference in color, even if there is one. I would sand the whole black area, mask off the red and spray
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    AEM vs VEC vs Split Second

    Sorry to resurrect an old thread. I recently bought a 2005 TT car which was built by RSI. Don’t really have any other info on it. No one really knows if the engine is “built”. I reached out to RSI, and they think it is, but no way to know for sure without dropping the oil pan. anyway reason why...
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    Anyone know this car? 2005 Silver twin turbo... built by racing solutions?

    On another note, a google search of the VIN turned up the following: Joseph Pence is listed as owning a 2005 DODGE VIPER in IN in 2005 Address: 10955 ANDREWS PL, FISHERS, IN 46037 Maybe I can reach out to RSI and see if they have a record of that name. Maybe he's related to Mike Pence? Who...
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    Anyone know this car? 2005 Silver twin turbo... built by racing solutions?

    looking at buying this car, apparently it was built back in 2005/2006. Current owner doesn't know much about it. He says the twin turbo kit was done by Racing Solutions. Apparently they can't give him any info on it as their builds are recorded by customer name, not VIN number. And he does not...
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    FS: Brand New Set of Viper Specialty Oil Cooler Lines With Black Fittings For GEN III

    Ordered these lines and then ended up selling my car. they are brand new, never used. black fittings. Paid $430+shipping for them, will do $400 shipped. Please PM
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    19/20 HRE's for sale

    A bit of advice... ship them to a place in Michigan and drive across the border and pick them up yourself. I live in Vancouver, and I got wheels shipped to Washington, went across and picked them up. Price difference in shipping is HUGE. I bet a quote to ship wheels to Canada would be in the...
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    Optima battery temperature sensor modification?

    I noticed that my temp sensor is loose in the tray and is not really touching the battery. should it be contacting the battery at all times? My car has been acting strang lately, when starting it seems that all electrical systems shut down in order to crank the engine... barely. I was going to...
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    2010 ACR Vooodoo's - where are you

    Here's #2....
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    Instructions on heads/cam removal/install?

    are you gonna be selling some performance parts after? if so, which ones and how much.... I may buy them :)

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