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Dec 20, 2017
Feb 24, 2006
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Texas City, Tx.

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Enthusiast, from Texas City, Tx.

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Dec 20, 2017
    1. Black94rt10
      I have a few bolt ons to my 94. I saw a thread you started about tuning back in 2014. Did you ever send your pcm to dan cragin for the tune? If so, what was the result? How much power gain and what mods did you have done? Im considering spending the $1400 bucks for dan to retune my pcm (he says i need gen 2 injectors with the tune but i only have an intake and cats removed.)
    2. 345s-bspinnin

      Won't be making to the Houston Half mile. However, I will be going to the Carrabelle Speed Festival next weekend for a side by side half mile racing.

    3. RTIO
      how much hp do you think it would have made if you would have only did the rockers.65mm,heads and headers,
      what is the under drive for,
    4. rpm9000
      The only thing that I might have done differently was to have gone with a cam grind that Greg would suggest for the heads. Thr reason that I went with the 708 was that I had a brand new one in the box that I had bought a couple of years ago. But I am very satisfied with the performance of the 708. Greg did his Econoport job on my heads which is quite a bit cheaper than his full blown job. My heads flow 270 cfm where as the full blown heads do about 300 cfm. I just could not afford the full port job. Also if you are going to run 65mm TBs you will need to open up the inlets of the intake manifold. When Greg did mine I had the stock 58mm on it so didn't open mine up to 65 so I have a small ridge in mine until I take it off and open it up .
      If you have any more questions just let me know.
    5. NVMYVPR
      Hey brother, Greg Goode said to get in touch with you. I am looking at doing a very similar set up on my 96 RT-10 in my search for 500RWHP. Do you have any advice or things you would have done different? I am bone stock at the moment. Thanks.

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    Texas City, Tx.


    95 R/T10 K&N filters,3" smooth tubes, Mopar roller rockers, Belanger headers & mufflers, 3" Roe cats, 708 cam, Greg Good Econoport heads, 65mm throttlebodies, underdrive pulley, lowering springs by Parts Rack. 498 rwhp, 541 rwt. before tune.
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