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    I just lowered the price on mine to 47,500. I've only had 3 calls at 49k. I didn't think it would be hard to sell a White supercharged Mamba.
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    I just listed my 04 White Mamba - Paxton supercharged 49,000
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    St. Louis Auto Show January 24th - 27th

    Unless there have been special arrangements by SRT to get one there as part of their display of vehicles, I don't think any of the local dealerships have one to bring. I was just talking to Royal Gate Dodge on Manchester on Sat.
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    2013 Annual Membership Meeting Jan 24th

    Greetings Gateway VCA Members, I hope you are all having a wonder holiday season with friends and family. It's time to gather with your Viper friends to plan and discuss events for next year. Our annual membership meeting will be held at Mike Duffy's Pub and Grill on Thurs. Jan 24th at 7pm...
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    Gateway Holiday Party/Auction Dec 9th 2pm

    Annual Gateway Holiday Party and Club Auction Date: SUNDAY, December 9th Time: 2:00 -7:00 PM Provided: Entrée and Side Dish Please bring a SMALL appetizer or dessert to share! Fare...
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    Want a White Viper, Who knows of one?

    IDM- I've got white mamba #174/200 Paxton S/C if you're interested.
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    Not looking good

    Yea.. one would have thought that would have been a safe bet with the Reds when they were up 2-0 and headed home for 3.
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    Congrats Steve and Pam

    Steve and Pam of the Gateway Club just tied the knot. Congrats you two love birds. Now go ruffle some feathers! :headbang:
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    Not looking good

    We need a squirrel to run across the field or something. That Pence broken bat hit was straight out of Angel in the Outfield.
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    Not looking good

    A win tonight and we're off to a repeat of the 06 WS!
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    Fall Cruise?

    Yes John- Hope you can make it!
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    Knoxville, TN Wednesday Evening, Tail of the Dragon Thursday Morning en route to VOI

    Re: Knoxville, TN Wednesday Evening, Tail of the Dragon Thursday Morning en route to ROCKET- check your PM. We'll be in Knox Wed night as well. Michael
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    Bluffs, BBQ, **** **** Boondoggle 10/6/12

    Saturday Oct. 6th VIPERS, BBQ, and GUNS! What more could you ask for? Let's have a great turn-out for this event! 1st annual Bluff, BBQ, **** **** Boondoggle hosted by Scott and Joan Risch: Meet at Scott and Joan's house (PM me for address) between 9AM and 9:40AM Leave at 9:45 AM (map...
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    Who's making a VOI#12 Commercial

    Yes this is the debut VOI vid for the Gateway club and I'm really happy with how it turned out.
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    My Viper used in video

    My car was used in a video filmed at a whse in Wentzville, MO. I'm the driver in the video, but I was happy to let them keep it over the weekend for their services. I think the video turned our really cool and just had to share (my car is in the opening scene)...

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