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Nov 1, 2007
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    1. justfunrt10
      I was reading through about the Mach 7 3 piece top and the trail said you might have some good hints for adjustments and fit ups. I bought mine new back in late Aug. Mine fits great up front but sticks up a little at the back by the doors and rattles a little. Any thoughts? Thanks
    2. VYPR BYT 94
      VYPR BYT 94
      Hey Jason, Those roads were awsome for the cruise on friday... great job guys. Thanks for showing me the pics on your phone of the 3 piece top-thats the one I've been eyeballing. Don't forget, I'd still like to see some pics of how you lowered your seat... $30 beats $300 bucks anyday. Thanks, Mike
    3. Phun70
      Yo, Stretch, are you going to the last viper off the line event???? If so, see you there!!!!!!
    4. Mopar Boy
      Mopar Boy
      Whadaya know! You are right! :omg:

      Thats too funny! :)
    5. Phun70
      PS, if you're coming you better get your hotel room NOW!!!!! They are going fast, and they are expecting around 80 VIPERS!!!!
    6. Phun70
      Yo Stretch, are you coming to the event in Branson MO. over the weekend of the 17/18 of october????? Will meet you there if so!!!
    7. Phun70
      can't seem to find the pictures? duh.
    8. Phun70
      Yo stretch, what's up dude?
    9. Phun70
      Strech, were you the dude with the info about the get together at the hooters in columbus on the 6th?
    10. FangZ
      Jason, good to hear from you! I can't commit for tomorrow morning... if my children wake me up, I'll be there, but if they don't, well, then I will sleep in. It's a rare situation with three kids... but it sometimes happens...

      On another note: I will be all alone (no wife, no kids, yeah!!!) from July 22 to August 3. Was thinking about inviting my fellow viper friends on one of those weekends, maybe Viperay, Adam and you. Let's have some brats and a few beers... what do you think?

    11. mike & juli
      mike & juli
      Hey Jason...thanx for the CHAT...I saw your very nice message when you left..thank you!
      ENJOY your bride...and congratulations again!!!! GOOD LUCK also on your upcoming/near-future hopefully purchase of a VIPER...yesssssss! (Isn't this another cool way to communicate?!!)~juli
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