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    Quick loss of ac refrigerant with my 1994 rt/10

    Ever touch the compressor while it's running? It's hotter than any exhaust pipe you'll brush against. Statistically, the o-rings at the compressor are the ones most likely to fail due to the heat. May I suggest you replace those (yes, remove the hoses, replace the little green o-rings...
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    96gts shock absorber question.

    I thought Gen 2 shock is shorter because when the lower ball joint was relocated the lower shock mount moved inboard.
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    Is anyone running the ACR oil filter adapter on a Gen 2.

    I'm diagnosing another problem and so had the chance to disassemble the oil cooler bypass in the regular adapter. The hex head ***** won't come out without damage, so plan on replacing or repairing it. (I silver soldered a bolt head onto it) Just inside the hex head is a light spring and then...
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    Surging at low speed (under specific instance)...anyone else have this?

    Adjust the two throttle bodies so you are sure the driver side opens first. Only the driver's side has the throttle position sensor. If the passenger side opens first or passes more air, then the PCM can't figure out fuel rate or use of of the idle air control valve properly. It bucks like...
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    stabilizer link

    I bought them, installed them, and are fine.
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    extend time for fuel pump to prime

    If anyone wants the assembly instructions, email me at tom_hayden @ ymail . Com It'll cost you about $50 in parts.
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    Gen 2 GTS Interior Help and Fog Light Question

    I wanted a junk console to cut out a section for my elbow and save the original. EBAY and elsewhere black and gray ones were $450. Yellow or blue ones were $150. Bought a yellow one and was going to paint it. Turns out the yellow Color is a glued on vinyl layer that comes off easy. A little...
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    Looking for 3 Piece roof for Gen 1

    I have one for sale. If you would send me an email at tom_hayden @ ymail . com I'll send images. I made the windows from lexan using the frame from the vinyl curtains.
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    Looking for part for side windows

    Sorry, they must have gone with the Gen 1 trade-in.
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    Looking for part for side windows

    Same total length but no threads near end. I'll go look for them.
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    Looking for part for side windows

    I think I have two, but if I do, I had removed the threads (now a thinner shaft) so it needs fewer revolutions to tighten. The cut end is therefore shiny, not black.
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    Brembo calipers - Replacement Seals and Dust Boots?

    I can vouch for Zeckhausen, I got seals for the 40mm rear Brembos from them.
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    Supercharged v-10!

    Bob, I'm just an engineer but have seen crazy marketing at work.Agree with #1 but could just be dyno + gasket supplier exercise.#2 is only for track rats and not needed for marketing.#3... see #2#4 emasculate via ECU so full torque not available at 0 MPH (as per my Daimler Charger)#5 Stop tech...
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    Individual Foot Pedal adjustment on RT10

    I did exactly this, made a permanent aluminum handle for clutch cable alone (jewelers square file hole to slip on end of cable) and left it accessible through fuse panel access.
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    Mixing fuels

    BASF has a location in Tarrytown, NY. Looks like an earlier post with link was deleted, so search for BASF Fuel and Lubricant Solutions.