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    2008 question around performance mods

    Go to see Steve Hemann at Hemann Automotive. He's on Jeffco, north of Richardson by the train tracks and Arnold police station. He has three Vipers himself and takes care of lot of the StL Viper people. He will tell you what is needed in Jefferson County.
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    04 Engine in an 06 Crank Sensor Issue

    Hope it works out. Good Luck...
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    04 Engine in an 06 Crank Sensor Issue

    Had the same issue placing an 04 block into an 06. I used these to mount the knock sensors
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    04 Engine in an 06 Crank Sensor Issue

    '06 engine also has knock sensors, '04 engine does not.
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    Turbo kit RSI

    I have been commenting on it... Time to move on! Starting another thread perpetuates it.
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    Turbo kit RSI

    Exactly...!!!! That's BS...!!! It's been going on long enough. I think the Viper community would be better off if EVERYONE moved on. OP... Sorry to get sidetracked
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    Turbo kit RSI

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    M & M headers for my 2006 Paxton Viper

    I have had a set of MMs on my 06 for several years and a set of big tube MMs on my 08 track car with a built engine. No problems whatsoever. Great quality, fitment and performance. I have a set of Bellangers on my Gen 2. Looking at the headers side by side there is very little if any...
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    options on drag wheel and tire package?
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    The official Street Serpent Q&A thread!!!

    Hey Jeff Hope nobody thinks I am selling my car....:rolaugh: I love my SS as much as I did when I picked it up from you several years ago. All the panels have held up great. Still very solid....:2tu: All I have done is add some power....:headbang:
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    ACR-X Service manual

    It's a PDF file. PM me your email. I deleted 300 ***. Hopefully there is room for more now.
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    ACR-X Service manual

    Sent you an email.
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    ACR-X Brakes

    Check post #31
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    Anybody running a wideband O2?

    Is this the tuning system we have been hearing about for the Gen 4s...? Is your company ready to release the system to the public or do you have any idea when it might be? We are anxiously waiting for it....