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Viper Wizard
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Feb 13, 2014
Apr 28, 2001
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Viper Wizard

Enthusiast, from South Salem, NY USA

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Feb 13, 2014
    1. sportsarguy44
      Hi Chuck! Do you know if "Zero-Altitude-Flight" went out of business? I purchased some sill plates from them 1 year ago, but can't seem to find their contact information. When you google "Zero-Altitude-Flight" the web-site comes up as a search engine. Thanks, Jim
    2. BC Viper
      BC Viper
      Hello Chuck! Was looking to see if I can trouble you again for some info about Gen 1 Head Gaskets, please? If you can let me know what time of day is best to call you (so that I have less chances of taking you away from work), that would be great.

      Many thanks!

      Victoria, BC, Canada
    3. 2005 SRT-10
      2005 SRT-10
      Hi Chuck, I hope all is well. I just recently purchased a 2005 Vert. I live up in Albany and I am interested in taking a trip down to have you take a look at the car, maybe go through it with a fine tooth comb just to put my mind at ease. Is that something you do? If so, what would you charge to do that. I am *assuming* the car is fine as it came from a reputable dealer out in Chicago but you know how it is. I would like to take a trip down when the weather is nice. Any help is appreciated. thanks.
    4. Lespauldude
      Hi Chuck -

      Just wanted you to know that my beautiful 2009 GTS Blue with white stripes vert is sitting comfortably in my garage as you read this. I want to thank you for all of the support you offered me during the purchase process. You are truly one of a kind. She was dropped-off Wed. afternoon by Intercity Lines (again, thanks for the recommendation). They are amazing people who really care about the cars that they transport. I have never owned/driven such an impressive machine. I can't get over the looks that I get just driving thru my neighborhood. Until the Spring weather arrives, I am driving her quite conservatively. I have the utmost respect for what this car can do. When Spring DOES get here, I am going to take the short drive up to your place and introduce myself. I look forward to that moment. Again, thanks for everything!!


      Scott Ray
      Kings Park, NY
    5. Redrum
      Hey chuck I was wondering if you had a 02 rt/10 window regulator driver side I really need it and, I have heard that your the guy to ask so please let me know if you have one or know where I can get one. Thanks in advance Edwin
    6. cayman
      Hi Chuck,
      Cayman here. Do you have the stock Idler Pulley for a '98 RT/10 in stock? I have one squeeling on me. Not the tensioner. The idler pulley. I know you know the difference but it seems those non-viper people don't!
      I have a Roe SC on her but if I recall, the stock idler was still used. Just an additional one was added along wth a bracket for the SC application. I need the stock. Thanks!

      Mike from Missouri
    7. LaViper
      Thanks, Will do soon. It's a Twin Turbo built by U R & tuned by DC Perf. Runs REALLY good. Original tires are *#@*. Need some good sticky tires. Any suggestions & where to purchase ?
    8. romozzi
      Thanks for the info on the gray fuzzy dash scratches that can't be repaired. Sounds like a winter project to remove and paint. I would appreciate any advice on this. You can call me any time on my cell (630)625-2106

      Thanks Mike Romozzi
      Hello Chuck, Any word on my girl? 04 Black Mamba spun bearing. I have been trying to call you but everytime I look up from my desk its 5:30PM.
      Thank you,
      Joe Lewis
    10. XTREMDRM
      Ok I will order them both.
    11. 93VIPERBOY
      Thanks again for doing my car on saturday. I know you didn't have the time.
    12. AZMotorgod

      Thank you so much for your time. Your knowledge and expertise is much, much appreciated.

      Robert in Arizona
    13. 2snakes4us
      Hi Chuck, i dont think my keyless entry remote is the right one. the middle button sticker shows a Car with a truck open and that button does nothing. should it have a panic sticker instead?. What is the correct P/N for a 1994 RT/10?
      thanks Chuck.
    14. GTS  2000 Steelgray
      GTS 2000 Steelgray
      Hi chuck,
      i send you happy new 2009 Jahr and very Nice Time.

      Dieter VCA Germany

      PS: I search for me - import - are Hummer h2 ,have you are Nice Friend ?
    15. gen2lover
      Chuck is the best! NO ONE is more knowledgeable and friendly!
    16. PDCjonny
      Tators? TatorTotters?
      Does this guy sell potatoes?
    17. 05CopperHD
      Hi Chuck,

      Its Eric. The complete stranger with the Paxton SC 05 Copperhead who called you @ 3 weeks ago explaining how the Viper Tech down in FL would not honor my extended warranty due to a cracked exhaust manifold.

      I know you've talked to a hundred people since then, but I hope you remember me. I possibly need your help again. I need to see if it's o.k. to have this Viper Tech call you for advice while still trying to fix my car.

      Bottom line is, he installed both exhaust manifolds, 2 cats, 2 sparkplugs and wires and hooked up a new split second box (computer) for the Paxton SC because we determind the Paxton computer wasn't working. After all that (and $6K), he cannot get the 2 Paxton auxillary fuel pumps to turn on and can't figure out why? He has bench tested them by applying direct power to them and DO turn on.

      Chuck, I'm not sure if this (Paxton setup) is in your expertise. But I realize now the warranty probably wouldn't have applied in this case because the Paxton computer was fried which might have caused the car to run lean and eventually over heat causing the above damage. I have no choice but to take it back to him tomorrow to try to start the diagnosis process again on why the pumps won't turn on.

      So if you think you may have some insight on this I'd appreciatae having him being able to call you with some expertise. My cell is 850-803-7448 if you need further info.
    18. 2snakes4us
      Thanks again Chuck for being here for us. You have helped us out a lot and i really do appreciate you .
    19. Gotvenom 08
      Gotvenom 08
      Chuck a few more weeks and we will be drinking beer in Detroit.I made a new viper project.I think one has your name on it...:)

    20. Viper Wizard
      Viper Wizard
      Hi Juli,

      I have NO idea why this spot is here? Already I can't keep up with how many places I watch now! Now another! EEK!!

    21. mike & juli
      mike & juli
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