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Jul 10, 2017
Apr 3, 2006
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Jul 10, 2017
    1. DiecastViper
      Tony I sent you a PM and haven't heard back if you get a chance please take a look. Thanks, David
    2. racedoc1
      I have renewed my VCA membership and updated my profile and need to updated to VCA member. I am in the Houston VCA area.
      I was reading thru the blog's. I noticed that you had measured your push rod's and the length was 7.630 I have a push rod tool. I am installing HS rockers. Where did you buy the
      push rod's that were 7.630 ? Comp cams is confused about their's (7.900). I have a 97 GTS. Please let me know. Thanks

      Re: Is the stock pushrod length 7.5 for a 2001 GTS? ---
      I measured my stock pushrods and they came in at 7.630". All 20 of mine have the black line running down the legth of the pushrod. I don't have nearly the amount of the rust color band as shown in your pic. Not all of the have it either and it's very faint on the ones that do have it. I can actually rub off the mark. Hope this helps.
    4. ACR steve
      ACR steve
      Hey hope all is well. Can you when you have a chance post something under the VOI posting that is up on track insurance . The more positive feedback on the post the better

    5. 10 BANGER
      10 BANGER
      Hey Tony,
      I just renewed my membership the other day. Can you please update my status. I have the VENOM M# 25804.

      Demoe (10 BANGER)
    6. ACR steve
      ACR steve
      Sorry,wish I could go on the 4th but I have my sons football tournament in Eastchester that day ( I help coach ) :(
    7. canadian venom
      canadian venom
      Hello Tony, Mary from VCA refer you to help me. I'm a new member to this site but i see VENOM is not written bellow my name and I bought a VENOM membership.My VCA number is 26187 and my full name is P.A.Savignac. Thanks again and have a nice day!
    8. Reloader15
      Hi, became a paid member 2/06/2011, do I upgrade thru you? I'm still feeling my way around here, it's all new to me, Thanks Member#26184, Reloader15

    9. 2009VOI-Norway
      hey, i have joined VCA but don't have the number yet,
      my VIN is 1B3JZ69Z99V500285

    10. kyjellywhite
      Hey nice to meet you. Purchased a 97 GTS about 2 weeks ago and already joined the VCA. Been tooling the forums and read to pst you for the upgraded status.

      VIN 1B3ER69E4VV300357

      VCA number is 26005

      Any help you could give me on getting my VCA badges

      Thanks in advance and nice to meet ya!
    11. SSGSNAKE

      I was told to emil you with my vin number I can not view some items and can not post on other. Help VIPEROUTLAW 1b3-jz69z89v-500620 also my VCA member ship number is 25086. Also do you know how I change my user name?
    12. Dutch
      hey vt its dutch i was told there was no track days at pocono at this years csd however i will attend viper days at pocono in sept hope to see you there have not set up my avatar yet
    13. grimmis66
      Tony, 2nd posting - still no member access. I joined over a week ago.
    14. grimmis66
      HI Tony, I'm Grimmis66 and joined the VCA almost a week ago and still do not have access to the member's only section....why isn't my membership active yet? VCA #25656. Please advise.
    15. 97GTS
      Hey Tony, I'm 97GTS and joined the VCA 2 days ago. My vin is 1b3er69exvv300377. I still can't access the member's only sections. How long until my membership is active?


      Ron Mattson
    16. vipzilla
    17. NSRENDR
      hey whats up
    18. VIPERUSA
      Well, a fellow Viper owner here in CT has a laser jammer system installed on his Viper. This person enjoys turning it on/off when approaching a trooper armed with a laser gun. i.e. He passes by with the system 'On' and the trooper can't register a speed. Turns around and drives through again with the system 'Off' to register the speed (limit). This seems to go on for several passes. Not saying its right but seems to work well for this individual.
      one of your replys on a speeding ticket post
    19. VIPERUSA
      i think i forgot to mention,,, i am looking for a lazar jammer instal..,,sorry and thanks John
    20. VIPERUSA
      Hey Tony,, i am just over the NY boarder and would be interested in a instal dealer if you know one. i have a 03, and Chuck holds my hand when i go down there,,,lol,,, Thanks for any info John Viperusa [email protected]
    21. trick
      still looking for a car and was looking for a little more advice... at work i cannot access forums so the best way to talk to me would be via email. [email protected] thanks
      Hey Tony this Sunday I am going to a cars and coffee exotic show in Rocky Hill STAR BUCKS.
      Hey Tony, went to the show in Hartford pretty cool a VCA member was thier he goes by Red Viper. I met the guy from the show Cruisen Newengland, he said he would do a episode at one of our events.E-mail [email protected]L.COM
      Hey, Tony it is Rocco it has been a long time. Between BIGY and the detailing I have had no time dont remember which job came first. I hope you had a great holiday.
    25. bluequadcab
      so we can just stay at your house after the picnic and leave from there:D
    26. bluequadcab
      by the way, you have my vote for whatever you run for
    27. bluequadcab
      Thanks for signing me up
    28. bluequadcab
      hey Captain Ct
    29. mike & juli
      mike & juli
      is this cool or what? lol...now you are my 'friend...oh gosh, look at DAVE's picture...a ? ... very funny! NOT that we need THIS to show that we are friends! ~juli
    30. 1MEANSNAKE
      Hi Peter,

      We sell and install stripes for Vipers. Please let us know what your interested in having done and we can better assist you.

      Thank you,
      Mike Baxter
      MBX Motorsports, Inc.
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