1. P

    Gen 1, Gen 3 engines

    I have a 1995 and a 2004 - I am aware of the differences in computer systems, anti-lock brakes et cetera with the 2004, but is it possible to use the entire driveline from the 2004 in the 1995? The 2004 has right front damage to the suspension and body and I have been unsuccessful in finding...
  2. V

    Strongly considering purchasing a 70k mile gen I

    Hello guys, Im just looking for feedback if there is anything I should be looking for on a 70k mile gen I. I feel like its a great car to just drive and have fun in without the worries of a museum quality ride. Just am unsure of any potential issues that I should anticipate. Car seems to cold...
  3. Tims 95

    Is my fuel pump going out?

    When I'm behind my 95 RT/10 I hear a rather loud "buzz", which I think is the fuel pump. I can't tell if it has always sounded like that or if this is a new development. Any advice on checking the fuel system without pulling it all apart? As a side note it will usually take two turns of the key...
  4. R

    1995 Supercharged Custom RT/10

    This 1995 Viper is accident free and has a clean CARFAX. It retains very few of its stock parts including the factory air conditioning and 6-speed manual transmission. The highly modified drivetrain includes a custom-built Arrow Racing V10 engine with a polished ROE supercharger and cams and...
  5. R

    Need Right Stanchion Plus The Exterior Cover For 95 RT/10

    I am looking for the right Stanchion (part no. 0ms72rx8) plus the exterior stanchion cover (part no. 0ms80rx8) for my 1995 RT/10

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