1. WF2009

    Where to purchase?

    Where can I purchase the carbon fiber guards?
  2. Smokes_Speed_Shop

    How to adjust Kong’s (‘99 ACR)

    I purchased an ACR recently. It has ~17k miles and the rear seems soft and bounces after bumps. They are not leaking. Can someone help provide a manual or info on how to adjust the Koni’s?
  3. H

    WTB 13-17 Viper

    Looking for a gen v viper with SRT hood, black wheels (sidewinder), launch, two suspension modes, and harmon kardon.
  4. loudog57

    World Challenge Edition ACR’s

  5. T

    2010 ACR 1:33 Edition - SEMA Race Car/Street Car For Sale

    This is #29 of the 33 made, but this one is definitely 1 of a kind. With over 1,000 RWHP and approximately $275,000 invested, this car has been professionally modified to race and win, which it has done a lot of (winning I mean). Of the 13 major events it's entered, it won 12 and took 2nd in...
  6. Laurent488

    Unique '16 ACR Extreme, with factory Red Matte paint & white stripes

    8,000 miles. MSRP was 150K+. Asking 120K. Brand new front tires. Many pictures available upon request (of the car, WS, keys, manual, all accessories...) Excellent condition. Maintained with care, and kept in a heated garage, during winter months.
  7. P

    Looking for ACR in Vegas for article with Thunderbirds

    Hello all, My name is Casey Putsch and daily drive a '97 GTS in Ohio. Mine was the one on VinWiki and is pictured below being used for an experiment I was doing. I am writing an article and hosting a video comparing racing drivers and the race industry to fighter pilots and military...
  8. N

    99 Viper ACR for sale - mint condition

    RARE, IMMACULATE, AND FINELY TUNED “ACR!” CLOSE TO 600 HP! Click Here for all pics and details. Inquiries: [email protected] / 858 228 0680 We just had back to back kids and now I’ve got to sell my baby for something more “practical.” It literally pains me to write this because this was my...