Looking for ACR in Vegas for article with Thunderbirds


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Jan 3, 2016
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Hello all,

My name is Casey Putsch and daily drive a '97 GTS in Ohio. Mine was the one on VinWiki and is pictured below being used for an experiment I was doing.

I am writing an article and hosting a video comparing racing drivers and the race industry to fighter pilots and military aviation as a whole. I am waiting for final clearance from the military on the article which is slated for March in Las Vegas at Nellis AFB.

This is too far to drive my personal car from Ohio or haul a race car out for the weekend. As F16's go by the code name "Viper" and our cars are American made, I would like to be able to feature an ACR (preferably white blue or blue white) in this feature and drive it to Nellis AFB for a photo shoot with their F16's. I have a Carrera GT lined up, but feel a Viper is much more appropriate.

All I can offer is article and video credit for loaning the car and some seriously cool exposure and pictures for your car. No performance driving is necessary, but the ability for me to drive the car to and into Nellis AFB is required. I can not promise base clearance for an individual though.

Cheers and hope we can get a Viper featured. Let me know if you can help!

Casey Putsch

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