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Dan Cragin
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Mar 29, 2021
Feb 16, 2007
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Manager SPT

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Dan Cragin

Enthusiast, from LA, CA

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Mar 29, 2021
    1. Black94rt10
      My name is Dan and i recently purchased a 94 viper. I want to squeeze a little more power out of it so i installed an intake system and a cat delete 3 in exhaust. I plan to install headers also but want info on tuning options and i was told you are the man to ask. Im from NY so i dont know if you have any contacts on the east coast to consider for tuning a 1st gen. Please let me know. Thank you
    2. ViperJeff
      Hi Dan, tell me what your thinking.
    3. Tom F&L GoR
      Tom F&L GoR
      Hello, sometime in the last year you asked about 40mm rear brake calipers. I would like to explain the delay, give you prices and timing, and will answer any other questions you may have. My plan is to make one large batch and for that I need a rough head count. If you are still interested, please send your email address to [email protected] Thanks.
    4. 96-RT10 Supercharged
      96-RT10 Supercharged
      Hi Dan,

      I don't think I have any current contact information for you. I just replaced my battery and now after the car starts it shuts down after a second or two. I know this is related to the alarm and you fixed it with some trick sequence. What do I need to do to reset the factory alarm? I don't think I have the FOB anymore.

      Thanks again. Also send your info so I can send my car to you again
    5. mrbob
      hi dan here is the tracking number from fed ex. 468613615160931 it has to be signed for i insured it for a 1,000 . enclosed is a letter with the mods . can you email me your email address , so i can communicate with you . thanks going to sebring next weekend to get out of the cold weather . thanks let me know when you recieve it and thanks again bob peters
    6. VIPER 93
      VIPER 93
      Hi Dan
      The new rear end you installed about a year ago at around 6000 mi
      has a loud howling noise in all gears when there is no load. The car
      has 8800 now.
      Allen Baran (310) 863-4394
    7. GTSGUY
      Transmission hard to shift, by the way DC tunned my GTS. You mentionned that the engone could be off??? I noticed that the flywheel is in contact with the engine because I see scraches on the surface (engine side) and I do not understand why. Any help would be appreciated.

    8. tzortzViper
    9. BillionDollarDan
      Hiya! Hey what is the cost on those belanger headers and exhaust you guys sell?
    10. SCOTTB
      what would be the cost shipping to 16640 zip code and is that plus tax? or no tax since bought online?
    11. SANDHU
      Hey Dan,

      Thanks for your help. How much do you sell the Iforged Astra wheels for? I would need the centre black and the lip chrome. They will be the 20/19's. I want the deepest lip possible.

      Also how much are the Stage 1,2,3 supercharger kits?

      I have a 2004 Dodge Viper SRT10 Convertible.

      Thanks for your help!

    12. SFYellow
      Do you still have used Corsa for sale? Will you take 500 for it?
    13. Jeff Monheim
      Jeff Monheim
      I am intrested in the suspention and track proformance packages still being street legal and such!
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    I have a passion for the Viper and have been involved in every aspect of this car since 1992.

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