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Apr 16, 2021 at 9:29 AM
Oct 2, 2000
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Zionsville,IN. USA

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VCA Venom Member, from Zionsville,IN. USA

Venom Member
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    1. nodoor
      Thanks Steve. I'm going through the tire situation now. I need new PS2s. Any recommendation on who I should have install these? Im in Cincinnati. Thanks
    2. s55c
      Hey Steve.... every where I read about swapping the battery it seems there some secret about getting it to start,,, ok so I have a 95, gonna be swapping battery,,, could u advise me what the trick is so it will start,,,, thankyou; Steve [email protected]
    3. jwolf
      Steve I am a VCA member (although it's be 2 months and I haven't gotten any membership stuff, I did get the viper magazine last week) but I have not joined any region. and was wanting to know about joining a region.
      my Email is [email protected]
    4. Danino
      Hey, Isaw you removed you number so mine is 5618669980
    5. dianne
    6. Venomiss
      Dear Steve,
      We got a phone call this morning 1/16/11 at 10:00 AM from an Indianapolis cell number on the VCA line.
      They didn't leave any message. Please let anyone of your members know to leave a detailed message with a phone number if they need help.

      We have had calls on Thanksgiving, Christmas eve, Christmas, New Years eve, & New Years Day and have been answering the VCA phones since October 1st of 2010 not including VOI.

      Hope this helps whoever may need it.
      Thank you,
    7. jk
      You probably are going to get other PM's about this, but over last weekend I was with the Mid-South region on their annual Fall Foliage Tour and a guy managed to lock his keys into his trunk on his Gen3 SRT/10 (convertible obviously). I remember you as the guy who knows the secret way in, but since we were in the middle of nowhere, he ended up paying $200 for a locksmith to drive out. Since I have a 03 also, I was hoping you would PM me the procedure so I can be prepared if it happens to me or another VCA member.

      Jim Korns
    8. vdogg
    9. speedracervr4

      It seems like your the guru when it comes to these alarms! I own a 99 gts and my buddy has a 97 gts. He's on TDY and his wife can't get into the car with the fob. I'm gonna check it out tomorrow. If I have to go through the rear hatch and the alarm goes off, how do I turn it off? It's a 97 so there isn't a key slot in the glove box. Could you PM me with any advise? or email me @[email protected] Thanks in advance!!!

      Colin Mckeand
    10. FastestBusaAround
      Funny - I also locked the keys in my trunk today and I knew you had the technique from reading a few previous posts. I'd like to reach you to ask you how to get around that issue, should it occur again. Can you let me know how and where to get in touch with you? BTW, it's a Gen IV vert.

    11. TXViper
      Hello Steve,

      I have the same "alarm set" problem. Mine is a '95. It sat in my garage for a year while I was in Iraq. Brought a new battery and the alarm is preventing the engine from starting. I do not have the factory alarm keyfob nor aftermarket alarm. I've searched for your email or phone number but couldn't find any. Please help! My email is [email protected], phone number is 832-238-1891. Thanks!!!
    12. 1TONY1
      Hey Steve, have a question for you. Shoot me an e-mail please so I will have yours [email protected]
    13. rjnelles
      Hi Steve
      My name is Ralph Nelles and I have A 1994 Viper.I recently did a battery change on it ,and when I did the ALARM SET light came on in the dash .I pressed the key fob which took the ALARM SET light off. Car still will not start.In a past post you stated that some 94.s will not start after battery change
      Idid a search with no luck
      Any help you can give me would be greatly appriated.
      [email protected]
    14. thaimonkee
      Im having an autoshutdown issue. You said to call you but I dont have your number. Call me at 240-304-7432. Thanks buddy.
    15. Venomiss
      Here is one more of your car. Congratulations on it!
    16. ghengishahn
      Steve - I would like to contact any Viper owners in Fort Wayne area. Do you know any and could you share an email address or something? Thanks Tom.
    17. A1998
      Steve: Saw your post about locking keys in the Viper. I have a 2008 SRT-10 would like to know also in advance for just in case. Am a member here and have been for quite sometime. A 1998 is my avatar. my regular E-mail is [email protected] Thanks in advance.
    18. Helinut
      I am a new viper member and I live by Crawfordsville just south of Lafayette. I am trying to figure out what dealerships everyone uses or recommends to take there vipers for work. I bought a 06 coupe with 12K miles on it and would like to change out all the fluids just as a precaution because I do not know the previous owner. I dont want the hassle of fluids to do all the changes myself so I am just gonna let a viper tech do this, so any guidance would greatly be appreciated.
      Gary T
    19. costanZo

      Once again thank you for all your help. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to talk with both my father and I and also my friend Martin. I have decided since Martin has the AAA "plus" membership and can have a car towed 100miles for free that I am going to have him come to my apartment Friday morning so that I can use his card to have my car towed up to Steve Heitz in Belmont, NH. Heitz is one of the best Viper Techs in the area and is about 75miles from my apartment. I actually had my car brought to him 2 years ago to install my cats and exhaust system. So I figured this might be the best solution and the "safest" solution. ;)

      Once again, thanks for everything and I will let you know once my car finally works again haha.

    20. costanZo

      Thanks for your replies on my Post. I talked to one of my friends who had a simliar problem and he told me a good old Chuck Tator Remedy that he did that worked. Regardless, you can reach me at my Work Phone number: 781-377-9548

      I work 7-3 Eastern time.

      Thanks again,
    21. I-fly-cobras
      Hey... I took a look at the Viper and it was in great condition but there were some rock chips and the paint was starting to crack on the bumper. Im having a Viper Tech take a look at it on Mon... Is that enough. Its an 03 so I think its in great condition for a car 7 years old but Im not sure...

    22. Conner Kenny
      Conner Kenny
      Hello. Thanks for the note. Yes still looking for vacuum tubes. I don't get to Conner as much as I use to but Janet is there handling my program. She will be happy to receive these. Better yet, tell me the date and time you will be at CAAP and I will come to the plant and spend some time with you. e-mail me at [email protected] Thank you. Kenny...
    23. EFI-1
      Brutha Steve, thank you for the help on the oil filter info. You da man!
    24. Stupid Weezel
      Stupid Weezel
      Steve, I keep seeing posts where you helped folks by giving them your number. But I never see your number. :) After not driving my '94 Viper for 5 months, the battery went to sleep. It's a new battery. Anyway, after jumping it with another car, now the Viper won't start because of the alarm, I believe. It is so frustrating when your car won't start, because of something so stupid. And I can't believe how many people have this problem. My number is 801-678-4612. If you could help, that'd be great. Because every Dodge dealer I've called has no clue, and finding this "secret solution" is harder than sneaking into the White House. Thanks!
    25. Venomiss
      Just wanted to say thank you for your gracious hospitality from you and your fellow VCA members who welcomed us this past Saturday. After seeing the numerous members you help here on the boards it was an honor to finally meet you in person.
      With a little luck we may see you at the Ohio meeting in March!

      Thank you for all you do,
    26. v10enomous
    27. Shanedog
      Steve, sorry to bother you put my name is Derek Shaner and I am looking at buying a red 2001 Viper GTS at Hare Chevrolet. I ran a carfax report and the previous owner is from Zionsville, IN so I did a search on the forum and found you. By chance do you know of this car? I am looking to get as much info as I can on it as I know it is pretty modded and I want to know what I am getting into before pulling the trigger. ANyways, I figured I would just contact you in case you knew anything about the car. I can be reached via e-mail at [email protected] if that would be easier.

      Thank you, Derek
    28. dsg03svt
      Steve, Can you send me more information on how to check the crank damper bolt. Where is it located? Any pictures? What does it need to be torqued to?
    29. 08Venom
      Hi Steve,thank you for your reply.I would call you but do not know your phone number.If you would like to call me,my number is 604-569-9008.
      Thanks again
    30. pacethis
      Hi Steve,

      I recently posted a thread about an 06 Viper coupe that is being delivered to me with the keys locked inside (it's from an insurance salvage auction, they do stupid stuff like this sometimes). At any rate, it was suggested that I might contact you for some advice. I would appreciate any input you might give to help me :)

      Josh Meeks
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