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    2016 SRT Power Window Issue!

    Hello Guys, I’m new to this platform. I just got a 2016 SRT with 4K miles on it. Now I’m having issues with the power windows they work”randomly” but after some troubleshooting I kinda found what’s going on. Basically windows go up and down no issues then after the car idles or drive for mins...
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    Abs Problem help !!

    I have a problem with my viper srt10 2003, I changed the abs pump and when I started the car I had an alarm on the abs on my dashboard, I connected my scanner and I got these codes: P0A1D and P001D with the description "please refer to the manual of service ", I've already been researching but I...
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    WTB 13-17 Viper

    Looking for a gen v viper with SRT hood, black wheels (sidewinder), launch, two suspension modes, and harmon kardon.