Stock Subwoofer Removal Tip for Gen 3/4 Coupes


Feb 26, 2009
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Bulverde, Texas
Like many other Gen 3 and 4 owners, my 2009 has had the rattling/detached subwoofer port tube for several years. The stereo was awful enough with it, but the last year or so it became so bad that it buzzed and rattled constantly unless the roadway was perfectly smooth......drove me crazy.

It looks like most of the threads here have discussed the subwoofer removal and fix procedure for Verts, but not so much for Coupes....I finally got around to taking everything apart to get to it and followed everything in the very detailed YouTube video below EXCEPT I didn't take the seats out like I've read before is a must-do. That's the part I wanted to add here, you DO NOT have to take the seats out to access and remove the stock subwoofer box. I know it's not that hard taking the seats out, but I didn't want to risk damaging paint or anything else wrestling them in and out by myself and it also saved time leaving them in.

What I did instead is moved the seats all the way forward along with the seatbacks and covered the center console with a towel before removing the waterfall panel. Then I lifted the waterfall up and moved it forward to the backs of the seats while resting it on the towel-covered console, minding to be careful not to scrape the upper/outside edges of the waterfall on the headliner. I then tied the waterfall to the backs of the seats using a couple of old cotton long johns, tying the legs in a knot around the panel and each seat (don't laugh, it worked perfectly). I then accessed the subwoofer bolts and removed the box though the helps to be on the thin and nimble side here as there's not a lot of room to work with, but it's very doable. IMPORTANT NOTE - Do NOT close your doors with the panel in this position. The outside/top corners of the waterfall will interfere with the door panels as the doors close.....if you need to close the doors, just put the waterfall back in the original position.

Hope this helps someone with a Coupe contemplating taking on the fix. It was easy and took less time than I predicted, even going slowly....the YouTube video really helps (I secured the loose port tube the same way he did, but there are definitely other ways to get it done). I just wish I had done it sooner. No more rattle bucket and the stock stereo actually sounds "okay" now.

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