Are all Hard Tops compatible?

Itís likely that the 93 pinned-latch top will NOT be a perfect fit for a 94, which used a bladed latch. The front latches for 93 have a simple pin, which may not seat in the larger hole in the windshield header of a 94 which accommodates a small blade, and NOT a pin. The TOP will fit....the question is HOW SNUG will the pins pull it down? My guess is not enough. I believe that the latches are interchangeable. Northwind Engineering has latches, and would possibly sell you a set for 1993. I believe he also makes his own latches. The person who can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt is Mike Trost of Northwind Engineering, an advertiser in EVERY VQ/VM. Trust Mikes answer, but mention my concerns to him...he'll know. Bad Experience Story: One owner LOST a Ď93 soft top that his dealer put on his Ď95 Viper.

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