Do I really need a pre-luber or pressurized reservoir for the oil system for added protection?

A reserve of pressurized oil, such as that provided by an AccuSump, appears to be CHEAP INSURANCE for our motors, and seems like a no-brainer if you run a lot of track days or autocrossing. Straight-liners don't have this problem.

The AccuSump is a separate 3-qt reservoir, boosting useable capacity over 40% for a GTS. It comes in either an electric or a manual version. If you wire it to the ignition, it even acts as a pre-oiler, and raises your oil pressure before you fire the engine. The electric solenoid shuts itself off at operating pressures, but instantly turns on if pressures drop below preset limits.

'92 - 96 Vipers had an "overcapacity" of oil....nearly 10 useable quarts. GTS motors have less oil, a different pan, and a new block. 7 useable quarts. The Viper GTS may have a temporary "oil starvation" problem when pulling high-G turns, especially if you run the A/C (see above question). If you run R-1s, or slicks, you are pulling even more lateral Gís, and are likely to be shunting your oil to one side in turns, even to the point of exposing the oil pan pickup.....lowering oil pressures immediately. Trouble is, in a 1.3+G turn, who is watching the Oil Pressure ? In fact, the stock oil pressure gauge has so large of a time delay in itís indication circuitry that a zero-oil-pressure condition would be indicated only after a few seconds of it occurring. But by then youíre back on the straightaway, and the gauge will indicate a momentary dip, at best.

During the Team Viper SCCA-T1 Test at Phoenix, the on-board system was taking data acquisition from many places on the car. They discovered the potential of a bottom end oil starvation problem as well, that was NOT picked up by the (higher up) Oil pressure Sending unit. Indeed, it took about 2-3 seconds ina G-turn to make the analog guage drop so you would notice...but the OIL was gone, thrown sideways, in a heartbeat.

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