How can I get this car to hook up best at the track on street tires?

One possible option is to buy the BFGoodgich Drag Radials in 315-35-17 size. However, do NOT use them on your rear 13" wide rims. Instead, buy two front rims (10"wide), and mount 4 front rims all around. They’re lighter, and will accept the 315 Drag Radial, or even the 315 R-1 street-legal track radial. The Front 17X10's fit fine on the rear, they just look tucked in a bit, but fit fine.

If you are really serious about drag racing, look for a different set of wheels/tires. One good choice is one of Mickey Thompson’s 16" drag tires. ET's (26x10x16) or STREET ETs (26x11.5x16, same tire with 4 grooves and DOT numbering) mounted on some sort of 16" wheel between 8 and 11" with enough clearance to clear the 13" rear brakes (not many wheels do). To lighten up the front of the car, you will also need some type of skinnie front wheel/tire combo, because the car may not be very stable at high speeds with a 2 ply, bias rear tire and a stock fat steel-belted radial up front.

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