Is the BFGoodrich R-1 a good tire for street driving?

BFGoodrich R-1s have a stiff ride, and stiff sidewalls. They are vulnerable to road hazards encountered in street driving. They are stickiest when warmed, and street-driving will NOT warm them sufficiently. They throw TONS of crap (dust, sand, debris, gravel) on your car. They are NOT as safe as Pilots when wet. If you "push your car hard" on a road course track, then R-1s are for you. If not, you will notice the improved handling of the Pilots on your 95, vis-a-vis XGT-Z stock tires. However, IF you’re a very aggressive street driver, live in a warm climate, and NEVER drive in the rain, give them a shot. One trophy-holding road racer says "Anybody who thinks an R1 is a superior (or even equivalent) rain tire to the Pilot is sadly mistaken. You can't make an R1 work right without _at least_ 160F of temperature in it, which make them late-spring to early-fall tires anywhere south of Oklahoma. On an autocross course, you have to run ridiculously low pressures to get that much temp in them on one lap. I've found the optimum temperature range for the Pilots to be below 130F, which makes them superior all-around street tires to R1s or XGT-Zs for general or even spirited street driving. They also weigh considerably less than the BFGs, aiding the unsprung weight and rotating inertia problems. R1s get great transient response at the price of FAITHFULLY FOLLOWING EVERY RUT OR WASHBOARD SURFACE IN THE ROAD. If you street drive them much, it gets really old.

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