What kind of air pressures should my R-1s have at the track?

Use anywhere from 30-32 psi. At the drag strip some people go as low as 22 psi (hot) and still get way too much wheel spin. For road racing, the general rule recommended by BFG is to start out with 36 psi front and 34 psi rear, but some people go lower than this as a result not getting them to stick. The R-1s heat up to an additional 6-8 psi after 15 minutes of fairly aggressive track laps. Using a pyrometer, check the temps across the tires,; if you consistently find that the middle temps are higher (by about 10-15 degrees), then there’s too much tire pressure. Reduce pressure gradually until the temps even out across the tire. This generally means dropping the air pressure to the low 30's hot, say 34 front, 32 rear. It still isn't as low as you can go. There are too many variables, such as driving style, track conditions, ambient temperature, etc. to talk about tire pressure in generic terms. The pyrometer won't lie, as long as you use it consistently.

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